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(Are you drunk)

As fortune would have it, David connected with Magee and pin-pointed their location according to the faint signal they had sent out. Soon, David arrived on a helicopter.

Right behind David, came an entire cavalry of policemen.

Terrified by the sheer number of policemen, the villagers scrambled to make their escape. They hurried to hide the girls they had bought from the human traffickers.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The policemen had already surrounded them from all sides. When they rescued those girls, they burst out in tears. Both relieved and joyful at the same time.

However, there were those who had spent almost half of their lives here after they were sold at a very young age.

They got married, had children and were much older now. They had long forgotten about their life outside the village and did not want to leave anymore.

The policemen could do nothing, but accept their wishes to stay back.

Most of the villagers who were in cahoots with the human traffickers were caught by the policeman. Everyone, including Mr. and Mrs. Yang were arrested. Mrs. Yang even fought against the police with a kitchen knife but was soon subdued...

David explained everything to Emily and Jacob when he arrived at Mr. Barefoot's house. Emily had mixed feelings but finally she didn't oppose to anything.

David was saddened to find that Jacob had lost all his memories from the past. However, he was glad to see that Jacob was alive. That was what mattered most.

One could not hope to have everything.

"It's okay. Everything will come back to you eventually," David comforted Jacob.

Finally, Emily could leave this village with satisfaction knowing that she not only helped herself but also countless others like her. She went to see Mr. Barefoot before they left and asked whether he would like to leave with them as that he could live out his life in retirement with them.

But Mr. Barefoot refused Emily and he even did not turn back to look at Emily as he said, "No, thanks. You've almost fully recovered from your illness.

Just remember to take good care of yourself. As for me, I want to live out the rest of my days in this village."

Emily tried to persuade Mr. Barefoot but Jacob stopped her.

"He has his own path to take so let's just respect his decision," said Jacob.


Almost half of villagers were caught by the police. Everyone blamed Emily and Jacob for bringing such a disaster into their lives, but alas, there was nothing they could do even though they hate them both.

Emily had planned to see Donny before she left, but no one could find him. Some said that he was also caught by the police, while some said that he had escaped into the forest. Some even said that he drowned in the river...

In any case, Donny was missed.

Emily urged David to help find Donny but it was in vain. In the end, Emily could do nothing but leave with bitter disappointment.

Little did they know that Donny was just hiding behind a huge rock, watching them from a distance as they all disappeared from sight, leaving Donny to drown in his sorrows.

'Daddy, Mummy, Miss Beauty, Bear... They all left without me. They abandoned me...

Am I really that bad that not even one person wants to stay with me...' Donny was heart-broken.

Apart from Donny, there was also another person who stared helplessly at the helicopter as it flew away. That person was none other than, Cherry.

Finally, it was clear to her that Magee had used her for his pleasures and the moment he didn't need her, he discarded her as if she were nothing.

Magee once told Cherry that he had no intentions of bringing her with him.

Magee never sugarcoated the truth.

Therefore, Cherry was just cheating herself from beginning to the end. Magee was just like a passenger in Cherry's life who had brought her temporary happiness and then left her alone to die here in this god-forsaken village.

How could Cherry accept this end so easily?

Cherry felt the anger and resentment flood her heart. She wasn't one to give up so easily! She vowed never to surrender to "fate"!

Back at Jingshi City.

Everything happened so fast that Emily couldn't believe how smoothly it all went.

As luck would have it, she was able to leave that village and everything that had happened there behind, as if it were all just a dream...

Emily grabbed hold of Jacob's hand tightly without a conscious thought as if she was afraid that Jacob would disappear the next second.

Jacob understood what was bothering Emily, so he held onto her tightly as well.

Magee got off the helicopter as he had no reason to stay with them so he chose to go back home. Meanwhile, Emily and Jacob followed David to pick up their daughter, Beryl at David's home.

As soon as they stepped into the gate of Xu family household, a pure and clear voice graced their ears.

"Daddy!" Beryl called out, with the voice of an angel.

Before Jacob could even react, the little girl rushed out from the house and jumped into his arms!

"Daddy! Daddy! Is this a dream? Daddy! I must be dreaming, right?" Beryl asked in disbelief, her eyes welling up with beads of water.

Jacob held the little girl in his arms and felt something warm shoot up his heart.

"No, baby. You are not dreaming. It's me. Daddy is back..." Jacob comforted Beryl with a kiss on the forehead.

Beryl finally burst into tears upon hearing what Jacob had said. "Wu-u-u-u, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Wu-u-u-u... Finally, you came back!" Beryl's face was full of tears as she turned to hug Emily.

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"

Jacob wrapped his arms around the both of them and said, "I'm back."

Although, Jacob had no recollection of the little girl in his arms, he could feel the strong bond between him and Beryl the moment he laid eyes on her.

'This is our daughter. Mine and Emily's, ' Jacob thought to himself with satisfaction.

After all the suffering the three of them had been through, watching them like that, warmed Rita's heart as she couldn't hold back her tears.

David held Rita in his arms and wiped away her tears. "Don't cry, sweetheart.

It's all over now. We should be happy that they are together again," he said.

Dylan also came out to welcome them. But he had no one to hug at that moment so he wrapped his arms around his father's leg.

At night, they all had dinner together at the Xu family's residence. Emily was so happy that she got drunk and cuddled up in bed with Jacob.

Emily acted boldly because of alcohol as she held Jacob's arm tightly and murmured, "Hold me tight please! Jacob, don't you love me? Why don't you kiss me?"

Jacob kissed her eyes softly and answered, "You are drunk, darling."

"I'm not drunk! I'm not..."

Emily shook her head in denial. For reasons unknown to him, Jacob just felt as though Emily had become more adorable. He gently got her out of bed and comforted her.

"Okay, okay. You are not drunk. You are not drunk..."

Jacobb helped to wash her hands and face before tucking her into bed.

Finally, when Jacob lulled Emily to sleep he noticed Beryl, who was quietly watching them by the door, her eyes widened with longing for his touch.

"Daddy, I..." Jacob knew exactly what Beryl wanted to say as he bent down to give her a hug and said, "Mommy is sleeping now. Let's get you washed up first, and I'll tell you a bedtime story, okay?"

"Yeah!" Beryl rested her head in Jacob's warm and comfortable shoulder.

"Daddy, I love you," Beryl said under her breath. Somehow Jacob heard her clearly and his heart skipped a beat. "I love you, too, sweetie. I love you and Mommy with all my heart," Jacob replied earnestly.

"Daddy, promise me that you'll stay with us forever? I don't want to lose you again."

When Jacob and Emily went missing, Beryl was living with the Xu family. Rita and David took care of her as if she was their own child, while Dylan became her closest friend. However, all the happiness in the world meant nothing to her unless she could enjoy it with her own parents.

The Xu family gave her everything, but they couldn't give her neither Emily not Jacob.

Even with all the love in the world, Beryl felt like a poor, helpless child.

Finally, she had her mother and father back now! Life seemed more precious in their company.

Jacob felt so sad upon hearing what Beryl had said that his heart broke into pieces. "Yes, of course. I promise you that our family will stay together forever.

I will never leave you, my dear Beryl."



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