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(What an enviable couple)

Jacob did not tell Emily about what he did to Cherry because he didn't want to add to her worries.

However, Cherry showed up in front of Jacob the next day, safe and sound. With an odd mix of fear and resentment in her tone, she said, "Bear, I bet you weren't expecting to see me here, right? You must be surprised."

Jacob stared at her with a straight face and said, in a cold voice, "How lucky you are to survive such a predicament, you coward! How dare you show up here!"

Intimidated, Cherry took a few steps back, shivering at the thought of what Jacob did to her. Finding it hard to keep her anger in, she said contemptuously, "I hope you know that I am not so fond of you anymore. But I promise to get my revenge on you and your bitch, Amy or Ely, whatever!"

Jacob's face darkened and he spat out in fury, "Oh, I urge you to try. Just see what I'll do to you then!"

"I'm not afraid of you anymore! I've got a man who is much better than you! I swear you'll regret hurting me!"

As soon as she finished making threats, she retreated as fast as she could, with her tails tucked firmly between her legs.

Ten minutes later, Cherry came back again, with the man she had told Jacob about.

"So this is where she lives now, right?" Magee eyed the shabby house warily and frowned with disappointment. "Do you have any doctors in this village?"

By "she", Magee was referring to Emily.

"Yes, we do," Cherry answered honestly. 'Why do all handsome men come here to fawn over that bitch, Amy or Ely?' Cherry's face contorted with venomous outburst.

She stole a glance at Magee's handsome face and could not help feeling shy.

Imitating the way Emily talked, Cherry said gently, "There is an old man who lives here. He is the best doctor in our village. He is the one who saved Bear from imminent death..."

"Bear?" Magee repeated the rustic name in a pensive mood while tapping his chin with his finger.

Cherry bit her lip while pointing at Jacob and said, "He...he is Bear. He once was madly in love with me but when I refused to marry him, he hung me from the edge of that cliff..."

Magee turned around and found Jacob chopping wood like a regular lumberjack in his natural habitat. His eyes squinted and smiled wryly as he shook his head in disbelief.

"He was madly in love with you? Are you sure? Do you know what you are talking about?" Magee scoffed and laughed at her face.

His doubtful and contemptuous remarks were so obvious that Cherry's face flushed scarlet red and she did not utter another word.

Magee did not want to waste any more time on Cherry and he said, "Fine. Thank you for leading me here. You may leave now."

"Mr. Magee, Mr. Magee..." Cherry called his name anxiously as he walked away.

She stomped her feet on the ground in anger but she didn't dare to stand in his way. In the end, she went on her own way angrily.

For reasons unknown to him, Jacob had a bad feeling in his gut the moment he saw Magee walking towards him.

"Finally, I've found you, even though this was the last place I expected to see you," said Magee.

Jacob looked at him with puzzlement and said, "Who are you?"

Magee was startled by the fact that Jacob couldn't tell who he was. "Don't you remember me?"

Jacob had a strange feeling in his gut again. For some reason, his instincts were telling him he should know the man in front of him but he just couldn't remember who he was.

"No, I don't." All he could tell right now was that he had a bad feeling about him.

"So, are you telling me that you've lost your memory?" Magee rested his interrogation quickly as he had already found the answer from Jacob's expression. Deeply amused, he could not help laughing at Jacob in his mind.

"Hahahahaha, interesting! That's really interesting! So, what about Emily? Do you remember her?" asked Magee.

'He knows me? And it seemed like he knows Emily, too. Who on earth is he?' Jacob wondered, squinting his eyes at the man doubtfully.

Jacob couldn't tell why but he was starting to feel anxious and unsettled.

Magee, however, did not care about Jacob's answer at all. He just looked at Jacob with amazement as if he was watching a rare animal in a zoo. "I never expected to see you like this," said Magee.

How could it be? Now Jacob was just like a countryman. His skin had turned dark. He had a certain rugged disposition, which was completely different from who he was before, the CEO of Gu Consortium in Jingshi City.

However, there was still one thing that remained unchanged. He was still as fearless and bold as ever.

Magee had mixed feelings when he saw Jacob. The most important thing was that, Jacob was still alive, even though he had lost his memory. He was relieved to know his long search for Jacob and Emily did not go in vain. 'Are you still Jacob now, even without Jacob's memory?' Magee asked himself in mind.

At that moment, Emily came out of the hut and saw Magee standing in front of Jacob. "Magee!" Emily called out with all her strength.

Magee was over the moon with joy to see Emily again, but he also felt a change in Jacob's mood.

"Emily! Finally, I've found you!" exclaimed Magee loudly.

He pretend to be Emily's close friend and stepped forward to give Emily a hug.

But Jacob responded quickly and pushed him away. "Don't you touch her!" Jacob warned.

Far from Jacob's expectations, Magee wasn't angry, instead he smiled and tried to play a joke on Jacob. "I've known Emily for a long time. It's normal for us to embrace each other. Moreover, we came to this mountain together. If it weren't for me, you would have never seen Emily again."

Jacob stared at Emily closely while clenching his fists.

When he found out that Magee and Emily knew each other from before, he couldn't help but feel jealous, because he had no recollection of the past to guide him apart from when woke up in this village.

It was hard for him to accept that he had lost the game to Magee.

"Magee, that's enough. Stop it!" Emily warned him in a cold voice as she knew exactly what trick he was playing on Jacob.

Magee smiled and said, "Okay, fine. As you wish, my lady. You can't imagine how hard it was to find you. I've been searching for weeks. I almost searched the entire mountain! Only God could tell that you were here!"

Emily shifted her eyes towards Jacob and said in a firm and gentle way, "But I do not regret anything that's happened to me.

I even wanted to thank those human traffickers. If they hadn't sold me to this village, I would have never found my love again."

Jacob was stunned to hear Emily call him, "my love". He felt overwhelmed with happiness and he gazed into her eyes affectionately.

Magee's cheeky smile faded and he said, "Yes, yes. I couldn't agree more."

Although, he told himself not to harbour any feelings for Emily, there was still a part of him that felt differently.

'Jacob has lost all his memory! He is no different from a common countryman now! He is no match for someone like me now! But Emily, you still love him with all your heart...

What an enviable couple, ' Magee thought to himself.

"Now that you've found us, help us find out a way out of here as soon as possible." Emily finally told Magee about her idea. "I...cough-cough..." she wanted to continue but could not help coughing.

Jacob held her in his arms and patted her back gently. "I'll take you back to get some rest, okay?" His voice softened.

Magee's eyes dimmed and he spoke in a low voice. "Take good care of yourself. We will talk about it later when you get better."

'It seems that Emily is doing very well except for her health. What a waste to worry about her for such a long time!

Emily, you never need me to worry about you, right?' Magee mocked himself in mind.



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