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(Don't push me anymore)

Everyone present clearly knew what Mr. Yang was thinking about. Secretly they despised him, but had no intention to interfere with their family affairs. They all comforted Mr. Yang and Donny, but were eager to leave.

Mr. Yang cast a furtive glimpse at Donny and ordered, "Donny, come and take your mother back home. Don't leave her here.

It's improper. Rest assured. I promise that I will give your mother a ceremonious funeral!"

Upon hearing this, Donny jumped to his feet and landed a massive punch against his father's jaw, "Bang!"

Dizziness made Mr. Yang sink to the floor, as he had not expected violence from his son, "How dare you! How dare you even think of hitting me! You and your mother are so alike! Now, I shall give you a lesson in paternal piety!"

At this rebuke and threat, Donny's eyes glazed over in rage and he glared balefully at his father, clearly intended on landing a second blow.

Cowed by his son's lack of capitulation, Mr. Yang felt frightened and chose not to try his luck at punching back, but yelled, "I...I warn you! I...I'm your father! You should respect me, and not beat me! If you dare punch me once more, you will be punished by God! Do you hear me?"

At this moment, Donny was however completely indifferent to who he should respect. He was no longer an innocent little boy, and his eyes were filled with malice. Standing near his mother, it was clear that he would tear anyone to pieces if they dared to touch her!

Dr. Li felt pity for Donny and he gently reminded, "Dear Donny, don't waste time here. Go and take your mother to Mr. Barefoot. Maybe he can still save your mother's life!"

Donny felt warmed upon hearing Dr. Li, and the man's consideration brought tears to his eyes.

Lifting his mother to his back, Donny ran towards Mr. Barefoot's home, disappearing into the darkness.

Mr. Yang stood around numbly and once he was certain that his son had departed, he covered his face and scorned, "A moron, will always be a moron!"

"Ouch!" The wound he had sustained was painful and he turned to yell at Dr. Li, "Come and apply some ointment. It hurts so badly!"

Dr. Li regarded him coldly and replied indifferently, "I have no more herbs left today. Go and heal yourself please!"

He did not believe the doctor at all and argued loudly, "How could that be? You are the only doctor in this village, except Mr. Barefoot! I'm your responsibility."

Despite a perfectly straight face, Dr. Li's voice was a sneer, "I don't have the kind of medicine that can cure a person whose heart is already black."

Mr. Yang was still considering the doctor's words as he was unceremoniously shoved out the door. It slammed with a loud bang in his face, and, had he been any closer, he would certainly have sustained a broken nose.

"What a heartless doctor you are! I am the head of this village! Open the door and treat my wounds right now! Do you hear me?" Mr. Yang protested outside and banged against the door violently.

However, no one came out or opened the door for him, even though he kept cursing for quite a while.

At this moment, Donny arrived at Mr. Barefoot's, carrying his mother. He dared not break in, but knocked politely at the door, calling out, "Are you here, Mr. Barefoot? Save my mother, please! Can anyone hear me? Miss Beauty! Are you there? Do you hear me?"

It was midnight now, dark and cold. The grass rustled in the wind frightening Donny with imagined terrors.

He had always been a yellow-bellied boy, and he felt quite fearful outside Mr. Barefoot's home. It was the most remote dwelling in the village, and he feared that some wild animal might rush from the grass and eat him alive.

However, Donny did not abandon his mother. He just kept begging at the door, "Please! Save my mother, please! Save her please! She is dying!"

Donny might be a moron, but he knew that his mother would die soon if no one came to save her!

Mr. Barefoot was the best doctor in this village. Mr. Barefoot saved Bear's life, and he saved Miss Beauty's life.

Therefore, Mr. Barefoot was sure to save his mother's life!

Donny yelled and waited for quite a while but no one came out. It was as if there was nobody there.

Anxious, like ants on a hot pan, he did not know what a silent refusal meant. Gullible still, he thought that the occupants of the house were asleep and could not hear him. He decided to climb the wall to gain access to the front yard

However, the top of the wall was embedded with sharp glass shards to guard against thieves.

As Donny tried to grasp the top and jump over, he sustained deep cuts and was bleeding. Despite the pain, he struggled over the barrier.

Covered in blood and dirt, Donny did not care about his injuries. All that mattered was seeing Mr. Barefoot and saving his mother.

A tall man moved from the shadows to block his way. In a cold voice the man said, "Stop there. It's enough now. Mr. Barefoot will not save your mother."

"Why?" The young man asked in disbelief as he stared at Bear, who was stopping him from seeing Mr. Barefoot.

Blinking his red-rimmed eyes, Donny asked in a chocked voice, "Bear, could you please let me see Mr. Barefoot? Please!"

Jacob stared at Donny unsympathetically, his eyes filled with malice, "Why don't you ask your mother what she did earlier? Your mother deserves this. She deserves to die!"

Jacob said with grim determination.

"Shut up!" Donny yelled, clenching his fists angrily.

"So what? You want to hit me?" Jacob sneered as he towered over Donny. His eyes were full of disgust as he continued, "Try please, if you can. Did you know that Emily's life is hanging in the balance? And this is contributed to your great mother!"

Donny was stunned as he did not understand what Jacob meant.

"A moron is just a moron." Jacob continued in a cold voice, "Your mother captured a snake and released it to bite Emily. Emily is still in coma, so your mother deserves to die, understand?"

"It's impossible!" Donny refuted subconsciously, "My mother would not do that! She treats me very well..."

"Enough! Don't be silly! Get out of here right now! Don't push me anymore! Otherwise, I can not promise you what would happen!"

Jacob turned around to leave as soon as he finished his words.

Donny suddenly rushed forward, grabbing Jacob's leg and holding on like a child would, as he was leaving, "Bear! Please don't go! Please save my mother! I would do anything for you!" Donny cried and begged anxiously.

Jacob raised his foot and kicked Donny away with an emotionless face, "She wanted to kill Emily, and you think I should let her be healed?! I suggest you leave now and go prepare her funeral with your father!" Jacob said in disgust.

"Bear! Bear!" Donny yelled. Sprawled on the ground, Donny spat out a mouthful of blood. He watched desperately as Jacob closed the door, leaving him alone in the dark night.

Drained by despair he lost all strength and fell forwards on his face.

"Mummy..." Donny called out for his mother in a desperate mumble, then he cried for quite a while. Suddenly, he jolted upright and knelt in the front yard, yelling, "Save my mother please! Please! Please! Mr. Barefoot! Bear! Miss Beauty! Save her please! I beg you! I beg you all!"

Jacob sat in the room watching protectively over Emily. He could not believe that Donny had not left at all and was now yelling even louder! Rising he planned to chase Donny by all means necessary, but a soft cough stopped him.


Emily struggled to open her eyes and could not stop coughing, "Water..." she asked in a low, weak voice.

Feeling his heart jump to his throat, he sat down next to the bed again, anxiously exclaiming, "Emily, you're finally awake! Water? Water! Where is the water?"

He hurried to fetch a glass of warm water and gingerly helped her drink.

Emily watched him dashing in and out of the room in a hurry quietly and could not help smiling. But then she began coughing again and again.



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