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(I can give you money)

The village woman gave the man an evil eye and yelled, "Don't bother! I can help her."

"Alright," The man replied in embarrassment, knowing that the village woman had seen through him.

But Emily had no idea what was his purpose of helping. They took a short rest, and they began to walk again.

The village woman chatted with her warmly. Then she slipped out and said, "Every year, many tourists came here for an expedition. But for us natives, this is just our home. I have met a few tourists who lost their way, and I brought them to my village for a place to rest. I could tell that some of them came from the upper class."

This gave Emily a wild idea that perhaps Jacob was among them. Perhaps Magee also lost his way and was in the village right now. Or maybe he was looking for her too somewhere.

But Emily couldn't wait any longer, and she was dying to find Jacob. She probed, "Are there other villages?

"No, there are no other villages around here except for ours. You are lucky to meet us because we will bring you to our village or you'll be lost in this forest."

Emily believed in her heart of hearts that Jacob must have stayed in their village. So she determined to go with them and search for Jacob. Halfway through, Emily's knees and feet were so tired that she couldn't walk any further.

The village woman offered to carry on Emily on her back and continued walking.

The village woman was strong and walked as if her weight didn't bother her.

She even walked faster than before.

Emily was so hungry and exhausted that she fell asleep while the village woman carried her. She had no idea how long she slept, and she was awakened when they stopped.

"Have we already arrived?" Emily raised her head to look around, but all she saw was darkness. The night air was crisp, and she could hear crickets sound from a distance.

"Yes, we have returned to my village. It's late, and you should have a good rest tonight. Tomorrow, we will set off and search for whoever you're looking for," the village woman answered warmly, and she helped her get off from her back.

"Thank you for your kindness," Emily thanked her. She then realized that village men were standing around her as if they were studying her under a microscope. She felt weird and whispered to the village woman, "What are they doing?"

"Don't worry. Our village head sent them to protect us. They are as kind as me," the village woman assured Emily. She continued to speak to Emily to made her feel at ease, "Let's visit my village head."

She followed the village woman quietly and they went inside a cottage.

The village head was a middle-aged man. He had a big belly, and his upper lip was covered with a long mustache. He puffed a smoked into the air and smiled at Emily as she entered the small cottage. She felt sick when he leered at her and showed his yellow teeth.

"Hanna, where did you find such a beautiful lady?"

The village woman smiled and replied, "She lived in the city and had lost her way in the forest, so I brought her here.

Would you mind if she stayed here for the night?"

The village head moved his head, glanced at Emily from head to foot and smiled mysteriously. He then turned to Hanna and told her, "I know you are always willing to give a hand to people that lost their way." His eyes went back to Emily and said to her kindly, "You are welcome to stay here for the night, or for as long as you like. You will love it here."

It brought a shiver to her spine. Her instinct told her that the village head was somewhere far from being trustworthy.

She pushed her thoughts aside because she only cared for one thing, and that was to find Jacob. When they were in the mountain, she was so tired that she forgot to ask the village woman's name, now she knew she was Hanna. She turned to Hanna and asked, "Hanna, do all lost tourist stayed for the night at the village head's house? Where are they?"

"Well, they stayed in the houses of our villagers, and they were a lot of them so we need to find a place for them to stay."

Hanna hid her nervousness as she explained to Emily. She added, "I promised you that you will be comfortable here. Don't worry. I'll come back to you tomorrow."

Hanna was about to leave but Emily was worried that she held Hanna's hand firmly. To her surprise, Hanna struggled to let go from her tight grip and pushed her away.

Hanna was so strong that she fell to the ground easily. Emily was too weak to stand up, so she looked up and asked her, "Hanna, why did you do this to me?"
The village head stepped in to help Emily and turned to Hanna and blamed her, "Hanna, don't be rude to this beautiful lady. I don't want her to get hurt."

"Don't worry. She is fine." Hanna said to the village head as she tried to avoid Emily's questioning stare. "I leave her to you now. I am sure you will take good care of her."

The village head seemed pleased and promised her, "I will give you your reward later." Hanna then slightly bowed her head and gave a meaningful look and left.

It was clear to Emily that she made a mistake in trusting Hanna.

That evil woman pretended to help her and brought her to her village. She trapped her so she could bring her to the village head.

Emily was so naive to put her trust at Hanna. Little did she know that under her kind-hearted nature was a cunning animal.

She should have been more watchful and not too trusting. All she ever thought was Jacob and how to find him that she didn't pay attention to Hanna and her trickery. She seemed to lose her mind every time she thought about Jacob, to a point that her senses failed her.

But she must not regret. She must seize every hope for as long as she lived to find Jacob.

She remembered that Magee told her once that there was only one village in this mountain, just like what Hanna had also claimed. So it was possible that Jacob was also in this village.

Magee must be very worried when she came back to the cave and found her missing.

But she couldn't do anything about it now. Magee wouldn't know that she was in big trouble in this village, deep into the mountain.

Her only choice was to flee, to get away from this wicked place, as soon as possible, as fast as she could.

The village head was eager to get closer to Emily, and with his huge dark hand, he reached for Emily's face. Emily slapped him hard.

"Aha! A tough woman! I like it!" The village head said to her as he got closer.
"What do you want from me?" Emily screamed.

He couldn't stop leering at Emily and persuaded her, "Sweetheart, if you agree to be my woman, I will give you a comfortable life. I am the head of this village, and you will be my wife. All the villagers will bow to you. Just imagine that!"

Emily was disgusted with his foolishness and ignorance. She stepped back as she feared that the vile man would make sexual advances. She warned him, "You are the village head, so you must know what you're doing is against the law. You will go to prison. You'd better let me go."

The village head roared with laughter as if it was a big joke. And he challenged her, "Little woman, you are so naive. I am the law. No one dared to disobey me in my village. So, if I were you, be clever! And I will be kind to you as long as you obey me."

He held Emily in his arms and threw her down on the narrow wooden bed. The bed made a creaking sound when she fell down on it.

Emily felt a sudden wave of pain, and the dizziness made her want to vomit. She struggled to get out of the bed, but she was too weak to push him away.

The village head looked at Emily's pained face and showed no mercy. He had slept with many city women, and all of them were tricked by Hanna just as she did to her. But he never had seen a woman as lovely as this one. For him, she was a moon goddess and he couldn't wait to taste her.

"You are so beautiful, and your skin is soft and white. I didn't want to hurt you, but you have to stop pushing me away," The village head whispered at Emily's ear. He found this woman captivating, so he decided to keep her as his woman, instead of selling her.

She was every inch a beauty, unlike his wife who had grown so fat and boring to him. If this beauty would agree to carry his children, then all their children would be as beautiful as her.

"Wait a minute!" Emily snapped at him breathlessly, "Do you want money? I could give you money! I have a lot! If you let me go, I will give you as much money as you want."

"Oh, baby! Don't be a silly girl! You belonged to me now, and your money is my money too." The village head laughed at Emily and then pressed his thick rough lips on her face. Her face was so smooth, and tender and he couldn't resist his desire.

"Let me go! You monster! Leave me alone!" Emily screamed at the top of her lungs. She struggled to get away from his arms, but she was so weak, and helpless that her protest made him more excited.

He couldn't take his eyes off from this delicate woman, and his blood was boiling from passion. He wanted to taste her, to swallow her whole being.

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