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(It was dangerous to stay here)

Magee didn't feel embarrassed at all and laughed quietly, "I can't figure out why I would like a married woman who has another man's child. Can you tell me why?"

Emily took a deep breath and tried to restrain herself from swearing at his shamelessness. "Magee, I appreciate what you've done for me. But don't try to gain me."

Magee saw it coming and scoffed at it. "Huh? So what?" he asked with an air of pride.

"To be honest, you have no idea what true love is," Emily retorted back, feeling annoyed.

"Yeah, you're right. But that's also the reason why I want to give it a try." Magee thought Emily was just the person he could start a relationship with.

Emily stared at him for a while as her face showed signs of complex emotions. "You have been with a lot of women. Rose is just one of them. I know all about it. I know she loved you and you paid her back with betrayal. You just abandoned her!"

When Emily mentioned Rose, Magee was a little shocked because it had been a while since he thought about her.

"Love is just a game for you, to kill time when you get bored," Emily whispered, closing her eyes. Emily felt a little tired and frowned. She realized he was the sort of man who wouldn't understand love. "But to me, it is way more important. This will explain to you that we're not a good match."

Magee pretended not to care about her words and said casually, "Indeed, people like me will stain your love. But don't worry. I don't like to force people to do something they don't want to. And I'm also not an animal like Jack."

Emily kept quiet for a moment and then said, "Thank you."

After this, the silence returned. They didn't talk to each other any more. Even though they sat very close, it seemed like they were both in two different worlds. It was obvious they both didn't want to talk to each other.

Magee felt a little ridiculous about himself at the moment.

'There are plenty of fishes in the sea. I shouldn't be persistent in trying to get Emily. I am not going to be like Jack and Jacob who did everything possible to gain Emily. Instead, I am too smart to be doing silly things in the name of love. Maybe love isn't for me.

People like me can only love ourselves. I don't think I deserve love, ' he thought without feeling any sort of sadness.

The rain outside showed no signs of stopping. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. They had waited for the bodyguards all day.

There was no food in the cave. Magee wanted to search for food since they were both starving. They couldn't just wait for death.

"You stay here. Don't move," he said.

By now, they were over the embarrassing conversation they had a few hours ago. It almost felt like they were still friends and nothing awkward had ever happened.

In fact, Emily already let the awkward conversation out of her mind. "Be careful," she said and nodded her head.
"I will." Magee found a big leaf which he used as a shield to stop the rain from pouring over him. Quickly, he walked out of the cave and disappeared from Emily's sight.

Emily gazed at his back and her heart got increasingly heavy. She was praying that it could clear up as soon as possible. With no clock around, she didn't know how long she had waited.

The rain gradually stopped and it seemed like God had finally listened to her prayers.

Yet she couldn't be completely happy because Magee hadn't returned yet.

Now Emily was nearly dying for food and flexed her injured feet. Her feet didn't recover fully so there was no way for her to leave the cave.

A day passed but Magee didn't show up. Anxiety was eating her up but she had no choice but to wait.

'What happened to those bodyguards and Magee? Why didn't they return yet?' wondered Emily.

Emily couldn't wait here any more. With great difficulty, she stood up and tried to walk towards the mouth of the cave. This action brought intense pain to her leg but she used the rock walls for support.

Outside, the rain had stopped but the track was still muddy. Yesterday's rain was heavy and this area wouldn't dry very easily. She stepped over the track which was wet and slippery. Completely alert, she tried to move with extreme care.

Emily looked around and found no one nearby. The forest was just like an empty maze. It was the first time she had realized her smallness. "Magee! Magee! Is anyone here?"

Her screams were returned by silence.

She advanced slowly, holding on to the trees. Once again, she yelled out his name, but she only got chirps in return.

By now she had set her mind that she was all alone. It seemed to her that she was the only living human here.

She didn't know how long she had walked but her legs hurt from all the walking. Her forehead was sweating profusely. Hunger made her feel like getting burnt in the fire. In order to save her remaining strength, she found a clean big stone on which she sat. Sitting there, she thought about her next move.

While she was thinking about it, she heard a human voice. Even though she couldn't listen to the sound clearly, she felt excited knowing there was another human being.

She exerted all her strength and yelled, "Is anyone here? Help! Somebody please help! Help!"

Emily shouted at the top of her lungs.

Several minutes later, they heard Emily's voice and walked towards her.

She heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. Eventually, she saw some people who looked like villagers. They analyzed Emily with their innocent eyes.

Emily felt a little relieved. "Did you... see some men in black? And a very tall man..."

A woman noticed that Emily was going to fall, so she hurried to take out a bamboo tube containing water from her basket. She gave water to Emily and said, "Are you looking for someone?

Could you describe their appearance? Some strangers just came to our village."

Emily drank some water and felt much better. "Really? Wait a moment...Do you live nearby?"

'So they lived in a village hidden in this mysterious forest. Does that mean this is the village that we were searching for?' wondered Emily with rising hope.

The woman and men looked at each other anxiously. "There are many beasts here. It is not safe for you to stay here all by yourself. Come with us. Maybe the people you are looking for is in our village!"

The desire to see Jacob was eating her alive. She didn't notice their surprise as they saw her excitement. "Could you please guide me? I'll give you money!" she offered.

"How can we take your money? We are not that sort of people. We don't need any money!" The woman refused Emily's money immediately. "We have lots of visitors who come here for adventure.

Sometimes they get lost on their way. Every time we come across one, we try to help them."

A big glee was plastered on Emily's face. She truly appreciated their help. "Thank you..." she said.

"Are you hurt? Do you think you can walk?"


"How about I carry you?" A middle-aged man suggested this idea. He was checking out this vulnerable and beautiful girl. Even though he tried to hide it, he revealed his dirty thoughts subconsciously.

Emily felt something strange listening to his offer. "That's okay. I think I can manage it..." Emily rejected his help without giving it a second thought.


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