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(A child's play)

The sun was bright that afternoon and sunlight cast its rays on the trees. Beryl stared blankly at the boy's face. After a few seconds, she cried and punched him with her little hands. She cried, "No! I don't want it! I want my own daddy and mommy!"

"Oh, don't cry! Little Beryl!" Dylan was afraid that if Beryl wouldn't stop crying, then his dad would come to teach him a lesson. He got up and covered her mouth with his sweaty hand, and comforted her, "I will give you anything you want. Just stop crying, please! I'll play with you every day. Would you stop crying now?" Dylan is a shallow boy.

When he first saw Beryl, he thought she was an angel.

When he was told he had to be an older brother to her, he was thrilled. His classmates at the kindergarten must be jealous of him to have such a cute little sister.

It was cooler than transformers or any toy cars. He had a little sister that looked like an angel.

But Beryl never smiled after she came to his home. And her big dewy eyes that looked like she was about to cry, which made her so fragile that he wanted to protect her.

Dylan knew what happened to her parents, so he decided that he would protect his little sister. Unluckily, she seemed not to like him and didn't even talk to him at all.

This made him upset.

Beryl was so mad that she bit his chubby little hand that covered her mouth.

"Ouch! It hurts!" Dylan leaped and sprang his hand away because of pain.

When Beryl saw this, she ran away as fast as she could.

As he looked at the bite mark on his hand, he got angry and chased Beryl. Then he shouted at her, "Don't run away, Beryl!"

He ran faster than Beryl and caught her. He asked breathlessly, "Are you a dog? Look what you did! I'm bleeding!"

The "bleeding" part was his way of getting Beryl's attention, and she believed him. She took his hand to take a look and stammered, "You…you…liar!" She pouted and looked even more lovable. This made him forgot his anger and said, "It hurts so much! What if my hand was bitten off? No one would want to marry me someday. Then you have to marry me."

"You! Shame on you!" Beryl thought he was making fun of her again, so she got upset. She was so mad at him that she wanted to kick him.

She looked like an angry cat that tried to be fierce but still just lovely even in her outburst, and Dylan found it cute and amusing. He then apologized, "I'm sorry, Beryl! It's my fault. Would you stop being mad at me? You know you're my little sister and I love you. I just want you happy."

He failed to do so but made her cry instead.

Beryl was sobbing and didn't answer, so he continued, "I have a surprise for you. Do you want to know what it is? All girls like it. I promise you'll like it too!"

Then he tried to hold her hand, but Beryl dodged it. She was still angry but excited to know what the surprise was, so she asked, "What?"

It was a sign that they were back to being friends again.

His cute teeth showed when he smiled from ear to ear and replied, "Come with me. Soon you will know."

Beryl wiped the tear on her face with the back of her palm. She pouted and followed him to the garden.

"Just stay here, Beryl," Dylan added. Then he disappeared into the bushes. He searched around for a while and jumped out from nowhere, holding a white rabbit in his hand.


When Beryl saw what it was, all her nightmares came back to life. The memory flashed in her mind, and she was standing next to a rabbit, a dead rabbit swimming in a pool of blood. "Ah! No! Don't!"

Beryl was so terrified that she stepped back, then she stumbled, and fell on the ground. Her face was pale, and her eyes were wide with horror.

"You don't like rabbits?" Dylan got closer to Beryl while holding the rabbit in his arms but she just trembled. He was puzzled, "I never saw someone got frightened by a rabbit before."

Every girl he knew loved rabbits very much.

For Dylan, it was ironic that Beryl, who was cute and innocent like a rabbit, didn't like rabbits at all.

Then an idea came to Dylan. He would impress Beryl by saving her from the rabbit, just like from the movies he saw when superheroes would save beautiful girls.

"No! Back off! Get away from me. I'm so scared! "

Beryl's wounded cries startled Dylan. When he saw her pale face, he put the rabbit down and drove it away, "Shoo! Go away! You bad rabbit. You scared little Beryl!"

"Beryl, it's okay now. I've driven it away. I will protect you, always. " Dylan consoled. Dylan felt sorry for what he did when he saw Beryl curling up on the ground and holding her knees trembling with fear.

The boy thought in his mind, 'I should have thrown that rabbit away. Why did I dream to be a superhero? Look how scared little Beryl is. I'm so silly!'

'I shouldn't have done it, and she wouldn't turn into this.'

He knelt beside her, and patted her back for comfort, "It's okay! I will have the rabbit killed, and it will never scare you anymore."

When Beryl heard him said that, she screamed with fear, "No! No! Don't do that! Don't hurt the rabbit!"

"All right! I will not hurt the rabbit, I promised," Dylan made an oath. Before he could say more, he felt someone grabbed his collar.

Then he swayed on his feet as he was being lifted from the ground.

"Dylan! What did you do to Beryl this time?" David grabbed his collar and hoisted him to his feet, and he almost showed his fist to his son.

"What do you mean? I didn't do anything to her!" Dylan denied as he grabbed his collar trying to get away from his dad.

When he heard this, Dylan felt guilty. But he instead yelled, "I just want to play with her."

David grabbed Dylan again and angrily looked at his son, "Play? Then you can play with my fist."

"Let me go! Get away from me!" Dylan knew he was in big trouble and would get spanked soon. He kept struggling with all his might and glanced at Beryl.

He stretched his hand towards her and screamed, "Help me, Beryl!"

Meanwhile, Rita had held Beryl in her arms, and soothed the child, "It's fine, Beryl. I know Dylan is so naughty but your Uncle David will teach him a lesson so he won't do it again. Don't worry my child. Aunt Rita is here to protect you.

Nothing could hurt you."

Rita knew Beryl had been through a lot. Yet, she didn't expect that her son would grab a rabbit to impressed Beryl. His good intentions didn't work.

Beryl had a nightmare that night, and she cried and screamed in her sleep.

Rita stayed in her room to comfort her and would occasionally embrace her when she stirred from her sleep.

The next morning, Rita went to her son's room and found him sleeping soundly on his warm bed as if nothing had happened. Then she bent, twisted his ears and left.

Days went by and finally, Beryl didn't experience nightmares anymore. But she became more distant and silent.

Dylan was still grounded and must remain inside his room. But today, he broke the rule and came to see Beryl with a big and heavy box.

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