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(The bad thing never dies)

It was impossible to hide such a big news from David and Rita. Both of them got to know the very next day and they made no delay in rushing to seek Jack at the ward.

David didn't say a single word, instead grabbed his collar and punched his face really hard. 'Bang!'

"You son of bitch! Where is Emily! Where did you hide her? How much more trouble are you gonna give her?"

With a fresh coat of hatred on the old one, all David felt like doing was killing Jack, since he anyway was in no power to fight back.

He already felt guilty for not having avenged Jacob's death yet. Emily was the only woman Jacob had ever cared for while he was alive. She wasn't just Jacob's wife, but also David's friend, the best human being he'd ever known.

And David couldn't even protect her. How were he to explain this to Jacob when he met him in heaven?

Rita stood behind David, looking at Jack with resentment. Her thoughts were similar to David's. Both of them regretted letting Emily down. They could've protected her. If only they had taken her away that day, none of this would have happened.

Or at least not something so drastic. Right now, they didn't even know where she was. All they were certain of was she wasn't in a car falling off a cliff. If something like that had happened, which Jack was completely capable of, they'd surely kill him even it meant they would go to jail for it.

Soon, bodyguards and medical staff rushed over and took control of David and Rita. Jack gasped for breath, his face pale.

He was lucky they hadn't hit him in his stomach or broken his ribs.

His weak body couldn't have taken it. He might even have died, which he very well deserved. Lucky bastard.

"Go to hell! Why are you still alive!" Rita yelled at him with eyes raging as the guards pulled her back. She kept thinking of how Jack said he loved Emily but all he cared for was himself.

Otherwise, why would he hurt her like this?

If David hadn't noticed something was wrong, they would still have been in the dark.

They wouldn't have known about the imprisonment, miscarriage, fake child or the car accident.

Oh, the evil things Jack had done, over and over again.

Rita kept blaming herself. She hadn't known about a single thing until just today! Poor Emily had to suffer all of it all alone, with no one to share her grief with. Rita couldn't help her when she was most in need of it.

If something unthinkable really happened to Emily, she would never be able to forgive herself for not being there.

Jack, even in this exhausted state, had the audacity to glare back at Rita. Like a maniac, he shouted, "As long as Emily is alive, I am too."

Controlling his impulse to punch him yet again, David said coldly, "You should be glad she is alive, or I'd have already killed you by now, you pig!"

"She won't die. I know it," He said, shaking his head, as if he was just predicting the weather. His tone though, was determined.

He had never believed in something as much as he did right now. Somehow, he believed, this was god's last chance for him. Emily had to be alive.

In his own horrible way, he believed he did love her and couldn't go through the pain of losing her.

He wanted to change his ways, to atone, to love her better, to let go of his psychotic instincts.

But before any of that, he desperately wanted to find her and be sure she was safe.

"Let them go," Jack ordered the guards.

He didn't have the power or will to fight David. The only thing he was concerned about was finding Emily. All the other fuss could be postponed.

David had calmed down significantly. Finding Emily was the paramount priority at the moment. However much he hated Jack, with his contacts they could find her sooner. He decided to let him go for the time being.

All of them began to discuss her whereabouts. Someone who took her had to meet two requirements. One, they should have the ability to take her away and two, they should be someone Emily trusted, or she'd never agree to leave.

This sounded easy but not many people could meet both of the requirements at the same time. They brainstormed to figure who it could be and eventually the number became smaller and smaller with just a few people left to suspect. Magee was one of them.

Jack had always felt Magee had some ulterior motives regarding Emily. He wasn't someone she trusted completely but he could have deceived her by saying Jacob was still alive.

Or, maybe he didn't deceive her.

Maybe Jacob was still alive.

He knew Emily and her love for Jacob. She'd surely take the risk if she believed there was any truth in whatever Magee or someone else had said.

Jack's head was heavy with confusion. He had to find her as soon as possible, or things would slip out of his control very soon.

At the same time, David and Rita poured all their money and resources into searching Emily. They were also pretty suspicious about Jacob's death and believed he was alive, after all. They hoped it was true.

"What has Jack been up to?" Rita asked David, stepping into the study.

He had just returned home finishing some errands. David snorted.

"What do you think? He is busy recovering from his wounds and looking for Emily. By the way, I heard that he prays to Buddha for help now. Don't you think that's ridiculous?" Rita laughed.

What a sick joke. "I cannot believe a person like him has the courage to turn to gods. Maybe he thinks this is a way to atone for his sins and not end up in hell."

"Yes, maybe. He's gonna go to hell anyway. But you know how the saying goes, the bad never die."

"God is so unfair. I really hope both Jacob and Emily are safe and sound."

Part of her believed Jacob truly was dead but she couldn't help praying in her heart for his life. She felt she should turn to Buddha too, soon.

What if that really worked? Emily was so kind and innocent, and she deserved to be protected by the gods.

Jack's prayers might not be enough. Besides, he had committed so many sins and was lucky god hadn't punished him yet. But how could god satisfy the wishes of such an evil man?

It was better for her to join him.

She decided to discuss this with David. Certainly, he would support her.

Just as they were talking about this, mentioning the possibility of Emily being dead, they didn't notice a small figure standing outside the door.

It was Beryl. She heard the conversation and her eyes started to water. She was already stunned at her father leaving her, and now ... her mother too. She felt like an orphan now.

"Hey, Beryl. Come with me." A five-year-old boy suddenly appeared behind her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her outside.

"Dylan, let me go!" she said, trying to jerk her hand free. Although Beryl was only a year younger than Dylan, she was a lot weaker. There was no way she could've torn herself from his grip, so she decided to go along.

He took her to the garden and let go of her hand. Looking at her, he said, "Don't be upset, okay?"

Beryl felt like crying even more after this but she didn't want him to see her tears.

"You don't know..." Her voice broke. "My mom and dad...they..." she started to sob.

Dylan turned her around. Even as a child, she sounded so grim. "Your mom and dad will be okay. For now, you can take my parents as yours."

"But that means you will have no mom and dad then. My teacher told me one child can only have one father and one mother."

"It doesn't matter. You can have my parents, and my mom and dad will be yours and mine, both." Dylan was ready to give away his own parents to Beryl without any hesitation. "Don't worry. Someone will take care of you, and I will take care of you too."


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