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(Jacob is still alive)

Jack couldn't bring himself to turn a blind eye towards the pain that Emily was suffering.

He couldn't help recalling the good old days. At that very moment, he saw his young self making a promise to Emily.

He promised that he would protect her forever. But, he broke that promise.

He wanted to shelter her from the storm, but it was him that brought about gale force winds and hail right to her doorstep.

Weeping, Emily pleaded, "Jack, save me. Please." Torrents of tears were flowing from her eyes, as if all hope was lost.

"Stop!" Jack howled to stop the team of doctors just in time as the needle was inches away from Emily's arm.

"Mr. Gu?" One of the doctors seemed to be trying to say something.

But Jack ignored him and declared defiantly, "There will be no injection today."

Looking quizzically at each other, the doctors finally gathered up their things after realizing their boss was serious. They left the room one by one, leaving only Jack and Emily.

Emily hadn't gotten over the fear yet. Every pore on her body was laden in cold sweat and she trembled at every motion around her.

Jack walked on over and untied the ribbon tied to her arm. Then he took her into his arms, rubbing her back in a futile attempt to comfort her, "It's alright now. Don't be afraid. Nobody will hurt you any more."

But, it was he who hurt her the most.

"Jack… I…" Emily buried herself in Jack's arms. She had lost her strength, drained from the terrible situation moments before. Her voice was choked with sobs, "I'm begging you. I don't want to forget everything. I don't..."

Jack just held her in silence.

Like her, he had his own internal pain. He was struggling deep inside.

"Nobody has the right to rob me of my memories…" Emily firmly gripped his coat and emphasized each word, "An Emily without her memories is not Emily at all.

She's just an empty husk that you piece together after shattering it…. So tell me, do you want me dead?"

No! Absolutely not!

Jack howled inwardly. How could he ever wish that? He just wanted her to have a clean slate, a brand new start without the burden of the past.

Emily had been devoid of her physical strength for so long. She passed out shortly after her wailing. While her eyes were closed, her long black lashes were still moist from the tears like dew on a leaf.

Jack leaned closer and gently kissed her tears away. The pain in his heart equaled Emily's.

What was to be done for both of them to attain salvation?

The following days, Emily tailed Jack like a frightened rabbit. Everytime she saw whitecoats, she feared for her life.

Jack took all of it in, reveling in her dependence on him. He knew though that she only sought protection out of desperation, but still Jack loved every minute of it. Damn it!

Again and again he delayed the injection up until the day a doctor came up to him and said, "Master Jack, if we go on like this, we'll miss the best possible time for the operation. I hope you come to a decision soon, since it was up to you to convince her…"

'Convince her? How is that even possible?' He felt scorned deep down to his core.

Jack once again invited the doctors to back to manor. Before the doctors even set foot inside, Emily instinctively sensed something horrible was coming and hid herself in the wardrobe.

Jack seeing that Emily had gone missing, turned the room upside down looking for her. The moment he opened the wardrobe, he saw her in a fetal position, shivering in fright.

Jack was fiercely hurt, as if his heart was stabbed by a dagger.

Emily just stared into space, then looked at him in horror. She feebly cried, "Jack…"

She was malnourished. She was bones thin and her face was pale, her cheeks gaunt as well. Her eyes looked bigger. Jack thought she looked like someone who was terminally ill.

Jack was dumbfounded. Was he so cruel that she had brought her down to this point?

Just let her be.

He didn't want to push her anymore.

After deciding this, Jack felt a huge weight lifted from his heart, as if he had unloaded a boulder he had been carrying all this time.

His eyes started to well up with tender tears. He stretched out his hand and said, "Don't be scared. They'll never come back again to hurt you."

Emily hesitated but ultimately met his hand. She found it hard to believe his words.

Jack was gazed at her, studying her intently. Then he comforted her again, "I told you before, as long as you take care of yourself, I can promise you anything."

"Really?" Emily could hardly believe what she heard. Her eyes flew wide open.

"For the last time. Please trust me." Jack said with a serious voice, "If I cheat you, may God strike me dead with my boots on."

Upon hearing his heartfelt oath, Emily clasped his hands. Jack then carried her in a swift motion. She had become way lighter. A gust of wind would blow her away. Forget it! Everything was alright like this. At least she held his hand of her own free will. He would deal with the rest as time went by. Jack did fulfill his promise down to his every word.

He ordered all the doctors never to come back. With this, Emily finaly settled down. After all the terrible events, Emily's anorexia unexpectedly dissipated a little.

Maybe this was because of her fear that the doctors would come back if she broke her promise to take care of herself. Only by doing this that she was able to preserve the precious memories of Jacob. Jack, on the other hand, couldn't be happier.

Though Emily didn't eat much, she was still taking care of herself. She still would throw up every once in a while, but she had improved by leaps and bounds.

He paid more attention to her, hoping she would finally go back to normal. Around this time, David and Rita had become suspicious of him and came over to spirit Emily away. Jack could only relocate Emily, because he was doubtful that she would want to stay with him when she knew her friends were there looking for her.

It was almost predictable that she wouldn't. She had always wanted to run away from him.

Since David and Rita's search had failed, they proceeded to take revenge on the Gu Consortium, which was attacked from all sides with the unexpected participation of Magee. For a while Jack was cut in two, with one side occupied with the company, and the other with Emily. This was all taken advantage by someone hidden in the dark.

East of Jingshi City, Y City was hugged by beautiful snow encrusted mountains, craggy cliffs and colorful greenery.

Inside the rustic but luxurious villa, Emily was staring at the flora that adorned the open area, particularly focused on a lone worm crawling through the greenery.

For her, as long as she couldn't get rid of Jack, it didn't matter where she lived. The maidservant next to her fanned her lightly and then gently asked, "Are you tired, my lady? How about lying down?"

The maidservants, stewards and bodyguards were all Jack's people. Since they were ordered to take good care of the future mistress of the house, they all poured their heart and soul doing that.

Emily didn't reply because in her eyes, all these people were the ones who kept her in her prison. Only after a while, she replied, "Fetch me some seeds, any kind will do. I want to start my own flower patch."

The maidservant seemed to think twice, but immediately stood up. She knew Master Jack had always hoped that Emily would take up a good hobby, and gardening was a good one.

"Okay, my lady."

Not until the maidservant had left that Emily touched a blossoming flower in front of her, then a green leaf gently unfurled under the flower. Some words had been carved on it:
Jacob is still alive.

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