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Indeed, Jack was tempted. It was the biggest temptation to let Emily forget everything. All their problems could be solved if it was done right.

Even if Emily's intelligence degenerated to a baby's level, he would take care of her and they could grow up together again. Then he would be the only person in her world.

He was, however, hesitant and debated whether to do it or not.

When Jack returned home, he saw Emily. She was drab like the walking dead. Her thin body and waxy-white face reminded him of the passing of her vitality. Maybe it wouldn't be long before she died...

He finally made up his mind.

Although this magical drug had been tested a million times, he was still worried. He set up a research team to improve it again, and began experimentation on people in order to eliminate most of the side-effects.

This was a time-consuming process, and Jack had to work at the company while supervising the process. What happened to Emily had been kept from the outside.

But, recently David and Rita seemed to have noticed something unusual. In addition, they relocated their power base to Jingshi City and began to secretly trip him up.

Magee also put a spoke in the wheel and nobody knew the reason why.

Although the scale of the Gu Family was large, the Lin and Xu Families were not nobodies either. If they formed an alliance to attack Jack, it would pose some difficulty and create confusion.

When it came to the leadership skills to deal with this kind of trouble, Jack was far behind Jacob.

Of course, he would never admit that.

His confidential work had become more and more severe. Finally, after a month, the research team's doctor told him that the medicine was ready for use.

Excited and nervous, Jack returned home accompanied by professional doctors from the research team. He wanted to provide a perfect and zero-risk injection for Emily.

When Emily woke up, she found herself surrounded by strange white beings. The doctors were clustered around the bed and whispered ominously behind their masks. Lying in the middle of the large bed, she was like a lamb, waiting to be slaughtered.

She pretended indifference, as usual. But somehow, a hint of unrest rose from the bottom of her heart this time.

Jack seemed to notice her anxiety, he hugged her softly and explained gently, "Emily, don't be afraid, these people are here to cure you..."

While the doctors were preparing, Emily noticed the transparent medicament in the syringe. The feeling of restlessness became stronger and stronger. "What will you inject me with? Is it the drug..."

"Of course not, Emily, you misunderstood. How could I inject you with that!" For fear that she would misunderstand his intention, he quickly explained, "The medication is safe. You can forget everything, and live a normal life after being injected···"

She was stunned, "Forget everything"? Jack wanted her to forget everything! Ridiculous!

"Let me go!" She suddenly struggled violently, but she had no energy at all.

Jack restrained her gently, and she lacked the strength to resist him. Even a little movement left her fatigued and panting. "Have you gotten my permission? No! Why are you making a decision for me?"

"Emily, please be good..." Jack now held her tightly in his arms, and his voice was filled with sadness. "You are suffering, aren't you? Just forget everything, and you won't be suffering..."

She couldn't move, and hated herself for being weak, "Please let me go! I won't allow you to inject me with these strange things! I am in charge of my memory!   I can't stand forgetting!"

It was the first time during the malady that Emily was disconcerted. She was panting heavily and her pale face had turned red.

Jack made up his mind. "Emily, believe me. What I do is for your own good. You will forget all the pain and sorrow. You will have a new life, and you will have the right to be happy again..."

"No, I refuse..." She couldn't imagine life like that. Her eyes brimmed with tears and reddened at the mere thought of it. "Let me go..."

She didn't want to lose her memories of Jacob, which were the only beautiful memories she had. If she ever lost this, what would be the meaning of her life? She'd rather die with her memories than forget Jacob.

Existing in her past and in her memories, Jacob had become an inseparable part of her identity. Emily would not be herself without remembering her life with him. Without him she'd be just like an empty shell without thoughts.

The doctor approached Emily with the syringe and tried to calm her down with a light voice, "Madam, take it easy. We won't hurt you. We're here to help you..."

In her eyes the doctor was a demon that come to steal her soul, "Please don't... Don't come any closer. I don't want to..."

Her voice trembled with indescribable fear, as if she was going to experience something terrible. Hearing it, Jack became upset. He crooned to her like she was a child, "Shhh! Shhh! Emily, if you listen to me this time, I will promise you what ever you want, okay? If you want to leave, I promise..."

"You lied to me. You all lied to me..." She said sadly. Her eyes were filled with sorrow, and tears streamed down onto Jack's chest, staining him with her grief.

He felt like his chest was on fire and burning with shame. He feared that he would change his mind and relent, if he waited too long, so he urged, "Hurry up, but be careful not to hurt her."

"Okay, Mr Gu."

The liquid-filled syringe steadily approached Emily.

Her eyes were wide and her pupils dilated to the point of swallowing her irises. Suddenly, she found an inhuman strength, and lurched forward to break free from his restraining hold.

Jack was shocked by her unexpected strength. He was afraid that she would injure herself as she hit the floor, and he moved quickly to pick her up.

Seeing this, the doctors said, "Mr. Gu, we have to tie her down, or else she will struggle too much and the injection will be unsuccessful..."

He hesitated for a moment. "Tie her up," he finally ordered grimly.

Emily's hands and legs were tied with soft silk, and firmly fixed at the head and the foot of the bed. She could no longer struggle or hurt herself, nor could she escape. If she was restrained by hand, she might be hurt, and this method was more feasible, though much more barbaric.

Hopelessly, Emily lay immobile in the bed and shed silent tears.

Jack turned his head and did not dare to meet her eye. He told himself over and over again in his heart, that he did this all for her good. If she made it through, then she could live happily again.

She would be as carefree as she used to be, and he would help her fill in decades of blank memories with only happy thoughts... what a perfect ending.

"Jack..." Emily was calling his name, and her voice choked, "Please, let me go..."

He gritted his teeth and tried to stick to his terrible decision. But he couldn't control his emotions, and turning to her, he was confronted by a pair of desperate and helpless eyes.

"Save me..." Emily wept. She begged, mentally clutching at him like her last straw, "Help me. I am so scared... you said you would protect me......"

Her voice pierced his very soul, and suddenly it felt as if a hammer slammed into his heart. He was shaken to the very core, and every fiber of his being trembled in agony.


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