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(He first betrayed their love)

During the next few days, Emily always puked all that she had eaten. It seemed like her stomach just couldn't keep anything. She was later diagnosed as anorexic by the doctor.

Jack wasn't interested in going to the company anymore. He stayed home and kept Emily company all day long. He invited all the doctors of Jingshi City to treat her, but her condition worsened day by day, and finally she had to live on the nutrient solution injection.

Emily was very obedient to Jack that she did everything he asked her to do just like a soulless puppet. She didn't give a damn about her own health at all.

She became drowsy, exhausted and tired. She found herself sleeping for twelve hours a day. She drew the curtains close and curled herself up in a thick blanket at the corner of the dark room. She was like a withered flower as her energy and life was slowly draining away.

Jack could do nothing but take her out to bask in the sun in his courtyard every day, hoping to awaken her desire to survive, but it all went in vain.

Emily remained in hopeless. She had lost all her will to survive. Although the doctors gave her the best treatment available, her body stil kept dying, bit by bit.

In the evening, Jack lay down on the bed with Emily in his arms. She didn't resist but he dared not doing anything to her as she was weak and fragile which cast away all ideas about having sex with her.

"Emily, have you fallen asleep?" Jack whispered.

Emily remained motionless and refused to respond.

Jack immediately reached out to check her breathing and verified that she was still alive. He breathed a sigh of relief and held her a bit closer to him. "Emily..." he muttered, feeling thankful.

Only he and the Lord above knew how afraid he was. Jack feared that she would fall asleep in his arms and would never wake up again...

During these days, he seemed paranoid. He was unwilling to let her go, though he knew he was the cause of this situation.

He tried to justify his actions by claiming that he did it only to retain her, but in the court of his own conscience, he had failed miserably.

They had gotten here after striding past many difficult hurdles. How could he let her go now? But when Jack watched his beloved withering away day by day, it felt as he was being repeatedly stabbed by an assassin. He was in deep anguish and pain.

What should he do? More importantly, what could he do? How could he keep this woman by his side, for a lifetime?

"I had asked someone to take a picture of Beryl. She grown taller and appears much livelier. She said she misses you very much..."

Jack said in a soft, loving tone. He knew that Beryl was all Emily cared about in the world now. "Emily, do you want to see her?" he asked, earnestly hoping for a response.

Emily opened her eyes and said in a hoarse voice, "Will you just let me go?" Jack seemed to have choked as soon as hearing her reply. He returned the question in euphemistic way, "We can go see her together, or I can bring her here to see you..."

Emily understood his skillful attempt to reverse her refusal.

She closed her eyes again and soon dozed off to deep sleep. She was so tired that she had no strength persisting in her to argue with him any longer.

Every day when she closed her eyes, she could see Jacob's face which was being continuously disfigured by fishes. But she didn't feel scared or disgusted, instead, her heart yearned for him.

The reason why she always slept was that she wanted to see her beloved in her dreams. And sometimes accompanied by her stillborn child. The three of them would have had a beautiful life ahead.

But it would always remain a dream and would never come true. She always woke up and felt more hopeless than earlier.

The sudden pang of realization that hit her after every dream made her more and more uninterested in the present life she was living. She believed death was the only solution to her current mystery.
'I'm tired of this world, so, Beryl, I'm sorry but I want to go. Please let me go. I'm done.

I'm a coward and a bane for all people who love me and care for me.

Your father died because of me, so did your young brother. I can't hurt you any longer. So I'm sorry, my sweetie, but I have to leave you alone in this world so you could be safe.'

Emily was aware that the hatred between her and Jack would last forever or perhaps as long as she would be alive.

She would never agree to bury the hatchet until one of them die.

Only death could put an end to this hatred.

Even if she was going to die, she would make sure to drag Jack into hell with her.

The dead silence that prevailed depressed Jack. He felt guilty for breathing freely around her while she was suffering. He held Emily tightly from behind and begged painfully, "Emily, I beg you not to do that to me anymore.

Don't torture yourself like this... You can torture me and hit me as long as you need until it cheers you up. You can do everything to vent your anger against me. Just stop hurting yourself like this. I beg you..."

But Emily seemed to have fallen asleep. She lay motionless and didn't give him a response.

Jack knew that she must be awake and may have heard his words. He kissed her ear gently and begged again, "I want you to live well... Please.

Please don't be so cruel. I will go crazy if you die in front of me. I don't have the strength to see it."

"But you are making me do this, Jack.

You killed my child and drove me into this." Emily slowly opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling engraved with vintage patterns. A few seconds later, Emily raised her hand and slowly unfastened the buttons of her pajamas.
Jack touched her delicate and smooth skin, feeling surprised and a bit pleased, but the next second his heart sank into deep despair when he heard her cold words--

"Don't you want to sleep with me? You keep me by your side and refuse to let me go, now you can do it. Just do it," Emily said in a mocking tone. Now she cared about nothing at all. Jack had tried several times to assault her, and Emily knew that he would never give up his animal desire buried inside him.

Jack sat up suddenly and looked at Emily, utterly confused. "Do you think I keep you by my side for the sole purpose of sleeping with you?" he asked, in a disappointed tone.

Emily didn't answer his question, but her cold look seemed to answer in a thousand words.

At this moment, Jack's heart was frozen as if all his blood in the vessels had coagulated by the salt of his despair. He defended himself saying, "There are so many beautiful women in this world. If I really want to vent my desire, I can easily find one who's willing to be with me. Why do I have taken all this effort that I have taken in order to stay with you? Emily, do you know why? Because I love you! I love you so much!"

Emily continued to unbutton her pajamas, in defiance to his justification. He went mad at once and buttoned up her pajamas until she wasn't exposed at all.

"You did it on purpose, didn't you? You know I love you..." Jack said with rage as he thought Emily's behavior was undoubtedly an insult to his love for her.

But he forgot that he was the first person to betray her and their love even before Jacob came into the picture.

"I won't touch you," Jack said as he took a deep breath and got up to leave, before the mountain of fury inside him prompted him to do something lamentable later on. "Get some rest. See you tomorrow."

He was forced to leave. Emily knew his weaknesses well. She knew how to inflict great amount of pain on him with minimal number of words.

Behind him, Emily smiled quietly and sarcastically, her eyes shining with mockery. 'Jack was worse than a beast, but he pretended to be an affectionate gentleman. In others' eyes, they might assume that he was loyal enough to love. How ridiculous!'


Jack really realized it would only get worse if he didn't do anything to stop this madness. He needed to find a way to persuade Emily to change her perception on him. Emily was indifferent to pain or pleasure. She felt numb and starved. She lost the desire to live and refused to receive any amount of love from whoever be it. She simply believed that she didn't deserve it anymore.

So her body followed her mind to waste away to the inevitable destination of death.

If Emily could forget, or at least forgive whatever happened between them, she would cheer up and be willing to live a happy life with him.

They could out to be the happiest couple in the entire world.

Was there a remedy in the world that could make people forget everything? This found roots in his head and it gave him a faint glimmer of hope.

Jack inquired to many doctors for it in a clandestine fashion, obviously and finally, a professional doctor recommended a foreign drug to him.

The drug was banned in foreign countries because it would lead to memory decay and the deterioration of intelligence quotient. After a period of time post injection, the patients would forget everything and lose their self-care ability, and become a new person entirely just like a newborn baby who knew nothing about this world. They need to be taught from scratch and grow up slowly again.

Death and rebirth, it was a new beginning. He was willing to take that risk for his selfish sake of keeping her beside him. Or was he?


  1. Jack is a beast in form of human

  2. Seriously I'm tired of this story. Misfortune after misfortune. It should've been named cursed girl instead of spoilt girl. It's just too much for one person. I no Jacob is alive dear author it's time to bring him back

    1. Exactly
      I'm even tired with this story
      I guess it has no ending



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