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(Unable to feel pain)

"Looking at it at such close range, it's merely so and so; nothing special about it!" Magee's lips drew a sarcastic arc and made a rude comment, "It's ugly."

The waitress's face turned pale immediately, afraid that she might be punished. "Mr. Lin..." she tried to explain but was interrupted furiously.

"Get out of here!" Magee shouted.

After all, a copycat was nothing more than a copycat. There was not a trace of Emily's temperament and disposition.

Magee squinted his eyes and once again, Emily's face formed under a shade in his mind. It seemed to him that these days, he had found himself thinking about her again and again.

What kind of a woman was she? Pure and charming, fragile and strong, gentle and fierce; Emily was a combination of contradictions. She had many facets to herself which drew people towards her and they wanted to explore her more intricately.

A treasure of a woman!

He started to feel regretful for not having brought her away that day, but gave the opportunity to Jack, that beast. He was wondering how she was doing now.


When Emily woke up again, she had regained her consciousness, and did not take Jack as Jacob this time. She seemed to be immersed in her own world as if she could see no one by her side.

Jack felt bitter and upset on seeing that; he would rather have let Emily think of him as Jacob. At least it would have made her feel more comfortable.

But right now, she seemed to have fallen back into the same despair as she was in on the day of Jacob's funeral. She hadn't been eating or drinking anything for the past one week now, and had quickly lost weight. In fact, she was living much like a walking corpse.

Jack brought her some food in person and was busy trying to feed her.

However, he was being silently rejected. Having tried all the good words he had, he finally couldn't hold himself and tried the way of threats, "Emily, are you torturing me or yourself on purpose? Don't forget that you still have a daughter, who is very much alive. Do you want her to be a complete orphan? Do you really think she is going to live happily after you're dead?"

Hearing Jack mention her daughter brought at least some reaction as Emily's eyebrows trembled. She finally sat up slowly, and spoke in a husky voice, "You can't touch her."

Finally seeing her give a response, Jack got delighted and continued, "If you are alive, I will not touch her, but if you... Well if you die, then I can't make any promises...."

Having said this, Jack felt that his words were a little bit too harsh, but he had already made up his mind to stimulate her. Now Beryl was Emily's only concern.

Only when she was threatened like this, could she start trying to re-start her life.

He could not watch her health deteriorate day by day. He had to do something. It just happened that that something wasn't a very pleasant action.

Emily lifted the quilt and got out of bed expressionlessly. As soon as her feet were on the ground, she had a soft leg, and fell down into Jack's arms, no longer able to stand.

Having spent almost a week without food, and surviving on nothing but nutrient solution, she did not have any strength remaining within her. How could she! She felt dizzy on even standing up for a while, as if she could faint the very next moment.

Jack carefully carried her across the floor, even though she added nothing in terms of weight. He felt like he was carrying nothing and was even more worried about her now.

In the dining hall, the long, rose-wood table was filled with light, delicate food, which had been freshly served and scalding hot. Each course had been added with medicinal herbs, which were easy to digest and would benefit her blood, which was essential for Emily at present.

Jack carried her to the chair and added a soft cushion and back pillow for her. Then he sat behind her and poured her a bowl of porridge. "Shall I feed you?"

He asked in a soft voice, as if coaxing a capricious child who would not eat.

"I will do it myself." Emily took the spoon herself, but found that she was too weak to handle it. Even holding the spoon made her hand tremble.

But she insisted on eating herself, as if to prove a point. Somehow, she kept pouring porridge into her mouth spoon after spoon, like an emotionless robot repeating some pre-programmed, monotonous movements.

Seeing her eating obediently, a strong sense of satisfaction surged into Jack's heart; as long as she was willing to eat, the rest of the things could be dealt with over time...

But after a few moments, he felt that something was wrong.

He had filled the bowl with porridge just now, and it had been very hot. However, Emily had eaten it directly without blowing it...

"Stop!" Jack grabbed the spoon in Emily's hand, and pinched her face, forcing her mouth open so that he could look inside it.

He wouldn't have found out anything if he hadn't.

Emily's pale lips and her mouth inside were covered with scalded blisters, and several of them were bleeding too.

However, she seemed to feel no pain at all, and her expressions were still unchanged.

"Are you doing this deliberately?" Jack was distressed and angry, but was reluctant to vent his anger out on her.

Emily pushed his hand away and replied slowly, "Doing what deliberately?"

"What do you mean? Didn't you feel that the food was too hot?"

Emily opened her mouth a little, but did not speak. She pursed her lips, and found a taste of blood and salt in her mouth, indicating that she was still alive.
Jack quickly called the doctor to apply some medicine on her wounds.

"She seems unable to feel any pain; most probably, it was caused by psychological reasons. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say that her psychological pain far outweighs her physical pain, which may lead to her current symptoms. You should keep this matter in mind daily. She herself cannot feel pain even if she gets injured, which is very dangerous..." The doctor looked grave and the way he spoke was serious.

Emily finally realized what had happened.

So that was why she hadn't felt any pain just now, and her stomach had been empty for so long without feeling any pain. She just had no strength.

Jack was startled. She couldn't feel pain?

People were born to fear pain. If one could not feel it, then he or she would not be afraid of committing suicide...

"Is it curable? If so, how?"

"Such a situation is rare.

Psychotherapy is still the main course of treatment, supplemented by chemotherapy. More importantly, she should be careful not to get injured."

Jack was not in a good mood after hearing the doctor's words. He asked the doctor to be on stand by at any time and then cooled the porridge to a suitable temperature before feeding it to Emily.

Emily did not do anything in defiance this time. She drooped her eyes and seemed to be distracted, but nobody had any idea what she was thinking about.

Emily ate a lot that day. Jack was somewhat relieved on seeing that, and he said in a soft voice, "Emily, be sure to tell me if you find yourself injured, okay? After some time, I can get Beryl back to you."

"No, don't do that." Emily whispered in a low voice, "I will do whatever you tell me to, but don't bring her here."

Jack was stunned. He quickly realized that Emily was on guard against him. But it was all his fault, and he had no right to be angry. He merely promised, "Okay, I promise you. I won't bring her here or go anywhere near her without your permission."

In the evening, Emily was lying in her bed, ready to fall asleep. Suddenly, she felt a burst of nausea. She turned over and vomited everything she had eaten that afternoon.

She could not feel any pain except nausea. She didn't feel ill either, but her face had turned paler.

Jack hadn't expected to see this when he came in. He was shocked. He rushed to Emily, and asked, "Emily, what's wrong with you... I will call the doctor immediately!"

Emily did not answer him. She just pulled open the paper towel and wiped herself.
The doctor came to examine her at the fastest speed in his life and quickly explained his diagnosis, "She had not eaten for a long time, and too much food today stimulated her intestines and stomach, and that's why she vomited.

She should be more careful in eating things..."

Hearing this, Jack was remorseful. He had been glad that Emily was willing to eat today. So he had overfed her unconsciously, without expecting her to have such a serious reaction.

Looking at Emily's pale face, Jack was full of heartache and guilt. He apologized, "Emily, I am sorry..."

As expected, he got no response, even though his apology was registered, probably...

Emily never talked to him except on some rare occasions when it was extremely necessary. He was accustomed to that now.

It didn't matter. As long as she was with him. He would learn to take care of her, just like a husband took care of his wife.



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