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(Stop lying to me)

Unease blossomed within Jack, and his body went rigid. Dread crept all over him like an icy chill. He looked at Emily and opened his mouth, but words left him. He stuttered, "Emily..."

Thoughts were running through his mind, but he could not form them. He did not know what else there was to say. All he pondered on was, 'I fucked up. I really did.'

Emily started to slip out of her mind. Her consciousness started to fade as she muttered, "I... I want... baby... my baby..."

Unable to coherently form her words, her hands fell and she went unconscious. 'Oh thank you!' It was wrong to think like that, but Jack felt relieved. He let out a huge sigh.

'What should I do? What would I tell her? She will wake up eventually. What will I do by then? Should I tell her the truth?

No! No way! I can't tell her that the baby was dead all because of me! She won't forgive me! No...

No... The gap between us will be so wide, I would not be able to do anything about it.'

Cold sweat glistened on his furrowed brows. He was seized with remorse. How he wish he didn't do it!

'No! I won't let that happen! I will figure this out!'

That afternoon, Emily slowly opened her eyes and regained consciousness. Her ears were ringing with the sound of a baby crying. She could not get rid of it. She was starting to get a splitting headache.

Weak and feeble as she was, she struggled to sit up. Someone rushed forward to hold on to her. And then, there was a baby in front of her.

She stared at the innocent face and her heart was pierced with grief, "I told you to give this baby back!"

Jack was stunned, but forced a smile at her. That was not what he expected her to say, "Emily, I had already sent the baby back..."

'But the family was long gone, they don't exist in this world any more. So we decided to send the baby to the orphanage.' However, Jack didn't finish his sentence.

"Then..." Emily looked at the crying baby and said with a sneer, "Where did you get this baby then? Or should I say, where did you buy it?"

"It is not what you think. Please Emily, trust me. This is your baby!"

"My baby?" With her eyes stared fixedly at the baby. Emily was heartbroken, "Please Jack! For god's sake, stop lying to me. Do you have any idea? Every lie you tell me continues to tear my heat apart."

Jack felt guilty, "Emily! I am so sorry. It's all my fault! I wouldn't switch your baby if I knew there was another way. I do not want you to feel miserable. Please believe me."

"What? Switch my baby?"

"Yes! You know how much I hate Jacob and his son. I can never force myself to love his son. Every time I see the baby's face, all I see is Jacob. So I replaced him with another baby..."

To make his lie more believable, Jack went on, "I don't care about the baby, and I want him to suffer because of Jacob! I did not expect for you to find out..."

The truth was he didn't care who was the baby's father. Yes, he hated Jacob. But at the same time he loved Emily and everything about her, including her baby.

But he was desperate! He did not want to tell Emily that her baby was gone. He didn't want Emily to hate him. The best solution was to make her believe that he was mean and shameless, that he hated the innocent baby because of his father.
'That's how she thought of me anyway, ' Jack thought bitterly.

Emily was silent as she listened to him. It seemed like she was chewing his words over and over. Moments later, she opened her mouth, "What is true cannot become false, and what is false cannot become true. If you want to withhold the truth, you better make sure that you can hide it from me forever. Because I know how well you know me. I am sure you realize that I will dwell on this deeply. So think about it!"

"So, what will it be? Tell me the truth? Or you want me to find it out myself?"

Jack was stubborn. He stuck with his lie and did not budge. Emily kept her stern gaze on him. 'Does he think I'm stupid?' "Or I guess we can do a DNA test in the hospital? To find out the truth." Emily would not stop pushing him.

Jack held the baby close to him. The baby was still crying which upset him, 'Why... Why can't he be Emily's baby?'

He looked at the baby and thought, 'Things will be so much easier if you were her baby!'

The DNA did not bother him. He had foreseen this, and he knew Emily would try something like this. He had already collected the fetal hair of her baby.

The DNA test wouldn't tell her anything. But he knew he could not keep the truth from her forever! Emily didn't trust him. She would definitely do more tests.

He would not be able to keep up with this facade for long. Jack seemed to lost all his strength, and he handed the baby to a nurse aside. With his face worn and harrowed, "Emily... I am so sorry."

Shee knew it! Emily was sure that Jack was hiding the truth form her. With eyes full of sorrow she continued to look at Jack, 'I knew it... I knew it...'

"The baby came too early. The organs inside his body were not completely developed, and he suffered from several serious complications. Sorry Emily, but he's gone."

Jack forced out these words. With hands clasped tightly in front of his stomach he constantly fiddled with his knuckles.

"There are so many other kids out there. You can chose whoever you like, and they can become your babies if you want..."

"That is different! Don't you understand?! That's different!" Emily could not stop crying, her tears flowing down her face like waterfalls.

The sorrowfulness pulled her down into a bottomless abyss. The criminal stood in front of her, but she didn't even have the strength to blame him, "My baby... He belonged to me and Jacob. No one can take his place, no one..."

'I am sorry Jacob. I knew how much you wanted this baby. I knew how much you loved him... I am sorry. I wasn't able to protect him.'

Jack wanted to hold her in his arms and wipe her tears away. He wanted to hold her and comfort her, but he just could not touch her. "I am sorry, Emily."

'I will give you a big family, if you want...We will have many children, our children...'

"Where is he? Where's my baby? I want to see him... Please, Jack. I have to see my baby." She wanted to see her baby so desperately, her hostility was replaced with despair and longing.

Jack could not bear to say no to her. "Okay. Let's go and see your baby."

She smiled through the tears. She was overjoyed that she could finally see her baby. But she continued crying through the thought of her poor, unborn child. Jack took Emily into the Specimen Room in the hospital. He knew she would want to see her child so he decided to keep the body the day he was born, and died.

The baby was stored in a glass bottle. He looked so alive in formalin! His eyes were closed, as if he was still in his mom's womb.

'Jacob, are you with our baby now? Take care of him okay? Please take good care of him for me...'

Emily was so calm which scared Jack. It was like the lull before the storm.

No hysteria, no emotional flooding.

Emily stayed in the Specimen Room for 3 hours. When she was finally willing to leave, she trudged forward, slowly and painfully. It was a short distance from where she stood to the door, but it seemed the short distance took all her energy.

Jack followed her silently with the impulsion to step forward and hold her in his arms, but he never did.

Finally, Emily made it to the doorway. She leaned one arm against the wall.

Suddenly, she started spitting blood, and the blood spattered all over the wall.



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