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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞


    EPISODE         Two

  He didn't push the conversation further,he didn't want to argue with her either cuz back then she was just too naive and won't open her legs enough to satisfy his desires all the time

Everytime she was complaining of his stupid lust for her body instead of her very own self 
  She was worried, always worried for nothing! 

   He called quits then! She wasn't as attractive as he thought when he first met her and he was just too fed up with her that all that was ringing in his mind back then was to break up with her 

  And he did it, but now again, he still feel like he likes her 
  Whenever he sees her pictures which she post on her ig account, his head won't help but swell so much 

  He want her back and will do everything to really get her back to like him
    "Isabel "he called softly 
She scoffed rolling her eyes at him

    "I won't let you go until you give me your number "he kinda pressured her 
   "And if I don't "
 He smirked before lowering his head to her ear 
    "I will fuvk you right here that we both are standing "he whispered which got her shivering in shock 

  She wasn't too sure if her body can still resists his charms, no she won't take a risk neither will she cheat on Frank for no good reason

     She collected his phone still grudging
 She inputed her number into his phone 
   "Serves it? "She asked and he nodded mischievously

  Before he left, he warned her on no account will he call her and she doesn't pick up
   And then he pecked her on her right cheek

  She almost spat on him but then rechecked herself 
  She needed that kiss, it was different from all the kisses which Frank always showered on her all the time 

    Max's kiss was always soft and romantic, it touches the very end of her always making her wish for more
   She grinned resuming her steps to the road after she had watched his back fade from her sight....


    "Hey babe"Frank teased kissing her two cheeks before ushering her into a chair 
   She smiled briefly before sitting down and then muttered a hearty thanks to him

    "How's work today? "He asked her
  She heaved 
  "It was nice and cool, no stress"
  He hummed slightly at her bright answer 
    "And you? "She threw his earlier question back at him

   "Well, it was so cool, my boss resumed work today "
  "New boss, you never told me your boss was... "
  "Oh yeah! I'm sorry it escaped my mind to tell you that the former retired but a few months ago"

  She hissed, She wasn't interested in the conversation anyway 
  She was whiling away her time and secretly praying that Max won't play her this time by not calling her

     "Hmmm"she mouthed trying to make him feel like he was really listening to him 
   "Yeah babe, and he's so young 
   Damn! He's my age or one of us is older or younger than the other "

   She suddenly got interested, how can a boss be so young then? 
   "What's his name? "She asked him
    "Uhmm... I think something like Mr. Maxwell Dormson... "

Her mind ceased thinking... 


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