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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

   EPISODE      One 

"Hey Isabel "he called running up to her, she had sensed him following her for a long while now and she had been hastening up her steps to get to the bus stop before he catches up with her but she was totally wrong 

  He did caught up with her before she can even make it to the road
   "Isabel "he called again grabbing her right arm which made her twitch her self in total resignation bursting up in total rage 

    "What! What is it Maxwell? "
He smirked a bit with one of his hands gripping onto hers 
  "Why do you loathe me so much Isabel? "He asked her, but she wasn't ready for these stupid questions 

  All she needed was to be at her office before her boss starts asking after her while later in the afternoon, she has an appointment to keep with her boyfriend Frank

      "Max just let me go, am not ready for your troubles today, its still early "
   "Am worried about you not asking after me"
  "Why would I ask after you? "she asked with a tinge of pride in her voice 

  Ofcuz, since they broke up two years ago, he travelled out and ever since then, she had been worried asking many of his friends about him until she learnt he was in town two months ago 

     "Don't tell me you didn't miss me? "He dragged on
  Her pride swell harder, Ofcuz it will swell cuz she was bothered a bit if he still noticed her at all or not? 

     "Why will I miss you when we broke up two years ago? Have you forgotten that day you spat that to my face? "She reminded with a tinge of pain in her voice 

    "You and I know... "He tried to be flirty 
   "You and I know what? Mr. Maxwell we're done two years ago... "
    "Why are you so mean with words? Are we fighting?? "He chipped in

    "We won't fight anymore cuz we're not dating again "she pointed out to him once more 
  "Forget about that Isabel, I see love in your eyes right now "he said pointing at her eyes and staring deeply into them .

   She tried not to look into his eyes no matter how much he tempted her to do so
   "Let me go Max"
"Not until I have your number again"he said bringing out his phone and gave it to her so she could input her number 

   "I won't do that Max, "she rebuffed
   "Can't you hear it out Max, don't bug in the future now that you're back into the country 
  I have a boyfriend "she added 

   The little smile which danced on his lips almost but a while ago dissapeared instantly when she reported that she had a boyfriend 

     He even let go of her hand 
  "What did you just say? "He asked pleading for repetition of the words she just said 
   "I said.... "He kissed her almost quickly and roughly too

  She struggled for a while to get away from him but he wouldn't, so she started reciprocating his kisses on her 

   A feeling began to draw out of her, that feeling she always had for him which she had locked up for a while in another part of her heart

    He kissed her for a while before breaking off all of a sudden leaving her breathless 
    She panted for a while before her rage returned to her 
    "What did you just do Max? "
  "I kissed you, that's what I did"
   "Don't you ever try that again on me"she warned but it was futile 

     "And if I do?Why are you dating a jerk? "
   "You're a jerk too remember? You broke my heart! "
She reminded him again in a pained voice... 


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