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              FREAK 🍑😜

His addiction 🍆until he met her 🤗

Eroticals 💦💦

         EPISODE          4⃣6⃣


"Hey, is it Aurora or Audrey? Byes what! "I jumped into her when she came back from her shoot in the late evening 

   "I know, I saw it, I told you my plan will work rather than killing an innocent man"
I frowned at her last words but that was the truth, I will make sure I get rid of that steward when I enter into the house today else his mouth will one day get loose and he will say it out 

    "Congratulations Baby you're back on track again "
  I hugged her really so happily about her immense help 

    They would soon see me in that house again and that stupid maid I employed for him will have no choice but to leave


Angel's words replayed in my head severally as I washed myself in the bathroom waiting for the arrival of Mia

  *You're selfish Peter, all you want is what is good and pleasurable to only you and that's why you got into the net of Mia

*What about me? Did you care when you took my virginity away from me? You didn't care one bit like I wasn't anything to you

   She was right,even what everyone commented about me is correct 
  I'm selfish, always wanting things for myself by my own way

    I missed her already so I called her through my phone to meet me in my room

Few minutes later, she was in my room already and inside my bathroom
    I beckoned on her to get into the tub but she refused 

    "I can't Pete, "

"Why cux of what happened earlier? "I asked her but she shooj her head in disapproval 
   "Then what? "

"Mia is here already "she announced and she surfaced from nowhere winking at me and taking off her clothes infront of Angel and me

   Angel left.


Oh my bad! 

For real! I went into my room and locked up the door behind me reading my heartbeat and tears as it flowed freely out of my cheeks 

   He was nice, kind, calm and easy going earlier but now, he's changed again 
   I bit my lower lips before I started hearing her moans coming from his room

  "Ahhhhh.... Peter! "

"Peter do you want to kill me! "


   I covered my ears at the irritating sounds I was hearing but it kept on getting worse every passing minute 

     Peter is even touching her! I had thought a while ago that Peter might be addicted to my body but I was wrong!
   He's just having sex with Mia right now!!


"Will you stop making noise and keep quiet! "I barked at her when she kept making noise as if I was having sex with her

   She did stop smiling weirdly 
  "I missed you so much Peter "she said following me into my room as I left the bathroom to go and put on my clothes, eat afterwards and the next thing is sleep

  I just had a very hectic day today that I will need some of it all thanks to Mia

    I wore my trouser and was wearing my top when she back hugged me rubbing her hands all over my abs her hands moving slowly and swiftly to my groins

   I didn't feel anything at hetr touch, I was surprised it was the first time such ever happened 

My divk that can stand when he sees anything on skirt or eveb think about them

  Here, I seemed like nothing really happened 


I was deep in sleep when a constant tapping of legs and luckibg my ear woke me up from sleep

   I opened my eyes to be so surprised to see Peter in my room. 
   "What... "I made to speak but he hushed when he brought out his divk from his undies pointing it to my face making me confused on why he would do that 

    "Here touch it, I want you to make him stand now,! "He ordered.... 



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