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His addiction 🍆until he met her

Eroticals 💦💦



💬He's such a bad guy, very bad! 

💬How can he do that? 

💬All he cared about was to sleep with people's girlfriends

💬At his age he's not even married 

💬These products have finally exposed him .

Seeing those comments made me understand why my twin brother always told me that people like you and claim to love you when all is well for you but turn bad or get broke, you will see the other side of them

   Tears gathered around my eyes, who could've done this to me? Why? I'm loosing my company to some foolish accusation that I don't know of.

Angel made me rest my head on her tummy as I started crying, crying like a baby.

  I wasn't crying cuz of my lost company but because of those craxy comments about me

     I thought they loved my product, I thought everything was fine until now, they are condemning me

     I cried the more until a call pulled into my phone, I ignored bur Angel picked it up and brought it closer to my ear to answer it....

Mai's voice flew into the phone unmistakably 

I replied 

📲I heard what happened to you and I felt so sorry for you


📲I can help you get out of that whole mess that I created my self 

What! She did all this to me!! 

I hung up immediately spranging up from my seat to go meet her.
Angel held my hand from moving 
    "You can't pass through those gates, interviewers and reporters are full to the brim waiting for you to get out"

Oh my bad! What kind of mess is all this? Why would Mia do this to me?  
    Cuz of an ordinary break up she's hell bent on tarnishing my image and getting me bankrupt 

   I dialed her line again

She laughed over the phone before speaking up
📲I know you will call back sweetie 

📲What do you want! 

📲what do I want? What do I want Pete? 
She laughed again.

📲I want you back into my life else, you're ruined! 

What! I darted my eyes to Angel and I knew she heard that cuz the phone was on a speak-out

📲Mia, what do you think you're doing? 

📲Since you're not interested, I will be hanging up when you're ready... 

📲Hold on a bit

📲Yes?? Ready? 

📲Cant we settle this with money? 

📲You don't want this deal right! 

I sighed, I don't want to date her but do I have a choice? I don't have one

📲I will date you again, so stop all this 

📲I'm coming over so you sign some papers 




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