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His addiction πŸ†until he met herπŸ€—


     EPISODE          3⃣1⃣


"So she didn't care that her father was dead!she must be so unfeeling about her dad! "I yelled squeezing my face with so much tight ness

   "Yes, they are together all the time "he added and my anger churned me the more

 Is that how she wants it? Pete should be hit this time
   "Arrange some men to kidnap her in two days from now, I want to know if he loves her or just mere sex robot "she ordered and he nodded again leaving me alone all by myself


I shook terribly, why can't I control myself infront of her? What's wrong with me

  My lust for her is stronger than I seem it to be
   I gulped hard taking in her curves and shapes

    Pull yourself.... I assured myself but my divk was already standing rejecting that motion which says *Pull yourself together *

    "What! "I turned into an angry look so I would scare her away from me
   I can't do it to her again, I hate with girls over and over again and here I am, almost getting addicted to her alone

   I won't allow it to happen
   "Your food is ready"she said calmly and I tensed down yet, I knew I wanted her now
   There was no pretending about it even as much as I tried 

    Do I love her? I asked myself but that answer was a no, only her body fascinate me that's all
     I stood up from the bed and started getting close to her 

   She turned abruptly trying to walk her way out of the door when I grabbed her hand nervously 

    "Where are you going? "I whispered to her and I notice her mood change to that of a lustful look

    "Your... Food... Your food will get cold soon"she mumbled and I pressed her to the wall with my hands rushing to hold her waist 

    A slight moan escaped her lips even though I haven't touched her properly 
   She seems to be so immune to me too

    She struggled out of my hold feebly until I squeezed her left bΓΈΓΈb and then she moaned loudly 

"Leave me alone "she moaned out and it got my head riding the more 

   I started un dressing her even though she was struggling, the more I touched her, the more she become vulnerable for me

Hours later, 

    I lay beside her watching her carefully 
   She was sleeping soundly beside me

   I touched the strand of her hair and she woke up staring deeply into my eyes 

   I didn't have a choice but to sprang up from the  bed, she might make me want to sleep with her again 

    I was breathing heavily, I didn't go to work today
  I checked my phone and messages filled my phone 

πŸ’¬The crew board assembled all day waiting for you

πŸ’¬your schedules with the chief associate of this state is shouting about your incompetence

And others, bla bla bla bla about my schedules today
All from Elena

    I sighed heavily with my eyes darting to Angel who was quiet all these while on my bed
  "My food? "I asked her and she shrugged her shoulders

   "I told you about it that it will get cold "she reminded and I smirked 
  I stood up naked, I took my trouser from the floor and wore them on my body 

     I made to go out and find something to eat when her voice stopped me
   "Why do you keep on having sex with me? Do you like me? "She asked and I was frozen by that question 

     I turned to face her with an answer, I don't like her just her body only
   "Cuz I think I like you "she added and my jaw dropped

    "What! No I don't like you, I just love your sexy body 
   Nothing else, I don't have a heart to love someone "I explained all in a rush



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