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His addiction πŸ†until he met herπŸ€—


       EPISODE          3⃣0⃣


He touched me with a new taste giving me pleasures that I've never imagined before 

  Something was drawing me so deeply to him, I'm cheap! Yes cheap for him! I won't mind being his cheap a$$ as far as he make me feel this way every time

    He kissed my tummy sucking with his tongue, another sensation traveled to my spine increasing the passion of my body to want more

     What is he doing to me each time he touches me? What is he doing? He's the right key to myself 
   Jeez! What is he doing?!! 

   I lowered my head down to my v area to see him licking my honey pot and damn! My legs became dysfunctional 

    It felt like all my body was going to explode on me, I'm loosing my mind! 
   He was touching every part of me now making me gasp and hold him tighter to myself

    Ahhhh...I kept screaming at every touch which he gave me until he pushed into me
  A new gasp kept escaping my lips as I buried my face into his chest watching him have me as he wanted!


A new day wore on and I fluttered my eyes open to see her lying by my side 
   Something twinkled inside me watching her sleepy face rest gently 

   And then her lips and nose just everything about her was something to look at
   But what's wrong with me again?
    I looked away from her but my eyes keep on traveling back to her 

   What the heck! I cursed under my breath still looking st her
   My steward came into my room to deliver a message coming from my brother 

    I hopped down from the bed gave her a last gaze before coming out to see my brother 

   "Well, you're good? "He asked me and I shrugged 
  "Well, am okay"I replied after the shrug and he hissed

  "She isn't your wife right? And she isn't your girlfriend? "He asked making me suspicious of what he was heading at 

    "Hmmmm... Can I have a taste of her?"he requested and I choked immediately coughing uncontrollably 

  What does he mean by thar? What did he think before saying it in the first place 

    "What are you saying"I asked calmly forcing myslef not to make it look like am angry with what he said

   "I know you heard me the first time"he said calculatively and I sighed

   "No then if you think I heard you first time, so a no is my answer"I finalized and he gave me a glare

    "I will get it my own way which you never like Pete "he kinda warned me, patted my shoulder and announced his leave out of my house 

I boiled in anger, what does he think Angel is? Someone everyone will ride? Something I bought with my own money indirectly and he wants to fuvk her! 

  Sheesh! Thanks God I didn't let him commit sin
   "Is everything okay? "Angel asked emerging from the room with a sleeveless dress which stood out her sexy shoulders and hands

   It was a little bit tight over her lower bΓ³ΓΈb making a fish curve on the mouth before  stopping before the knee

    My whole body started vibrating again staring at the new her... 



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