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His addiction πŸ†until he met herπŸ€—


    EPISODE       2⃣9⃣


I wasn't thinking again with my body so close to her
   I'm getting immuned to her alone and I can't think too whenever I'm around her 

    I opened the blanket which was covering her naked body and got charged again by seeing her bare body

   She was breathing heavily staring at me 
    "Don't touch me"she mumbled almost unheard when she saw me open the blanket

   I smirked lowering my mouth to her left bΓ³ΓΈb and nibbling on her nΓ―pplΓ©s 
   A sharp cry of pleasure escaped her lips

    "Stop this Pete"she said softly but it was almost a moan and not a sentence 

    I squeezed her right bΓ³ΓΈb and damn! She was struggling with the bed and me
   "Ahhhh... "She moaned

  Music to my ears... I smirked jumping into her fully to have a taste of her once more before leaving for work


What's wrong with me? Why am I so vulnerable for him? This is the fourth time he's sleeping with me and I'm still not saying anything!! 

   Damn! I cursed my self and feeling sorry too as I saw him leaving the room aftet freshening up again

    I'm so loose!! I yelled at myself tugging at my hair and toosing about on the bed so frustrated at my new behavior


πŸ—£Oh peter! Here the sex god comes! 

πŸ—£Jeez! Is that his secretary or his wife or concubine? 

πŸ—£Damn! What's he doing in our mall? 

πŸ—£Eeeewww! Such a man! 

    Murmurs filled the air when I came into the shopping mall with my secretary Elena, we had an appointment with Catherella one of my best client 

   Soon, girls clustered around me taking pictures and almost on the verge of romancing my body when the body guards intervened 

  πŸ—£I need to touch him

πŸ—£My number is 009875434,call me by that okay? 

πŸ—£Jeez! When is thus kinda man gonna touch me? 

    Murmurs continued and I hissed 
   They can never reach upto someone else who is at my home right now

  A perfect match for my sexual orgies, I'm getting addicted to only her body rather than flirting about with girls


I freshened up and came out into the living room seeing that twin brother of his again

  I was startled at first when I met him but remembering that I had seen him yesterday calmed down my fears 

    He looked at me and looked away almost immediately concentrating on a magazine he was reading 
    "Are you his wife? "He asked me in a rude way with his eyes still on his phone


"His girlfriend? "He asked in a cutty way still with his face on the magazine he was reading 

    "No"I replied again in the negative and he cast me a very distant glare

   "Then why are you here allowing  him screw you as cheap as you're "

A thunder bolt sounded in my ears as I heard that from him
  He just called me cheap! Really!! 

He's rude, he didn't look at me again, he just shook his head pitifully and then left the room going into some other room

    I grinned badly, yes am cheap! So cheap to allow him mess me up like this! 
   I was still thinking about it when the door opened announcing his presence 

  He rushed to me giving me a deep kiss on my neck
   "I missed your body like crazy in the office "he mumbled taking all my breath away again 



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