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His addiction🍆until he met her🤗


   Episode   2⃣8⃣


What is he talking about? His twin? How are they twin? They can't be twin

   He stood up from the chair advancing towards me and I saw a little difference on how he walked but I was still scared and confused 

     When, someone busted into the room again 
   "Oh here you're! "Peter shouted and I gasped holding my head 

   It was so confusing seeing two replica bodies standing infront and back of me
   I was just in the middle of them all

    One went to the other handing him something and he left for his room
    "Angel go make some dinner am hungry"

   I had seized talking and the anger which I was harboring inside me before soon flushed away by the little shock I had

     He began making steps close to me and that fierce feeling surged back into me, 
   "I will go make some dinner "I said nervously to him before he grabbed me in his arms heading for upstairs 


She struggled within my grasp but I wasn't caring anymore even though I cared little 
    I landed her back on the bed and started struggling to get her out if her dress 

   "No no no no Pete"she said in a tensed voice with her eyes filled with lust staring at me

   It radiated me the more, I forced her out of her clothes by tearing them off her body beholding that body of hers again 

    I pulled off my top before I slammed my lips into hers, damn! Her lips is inviting me to do it
   I rolled my tongue against hers with my hands searching for the hook of her bra from behind

   "Ahhhh"she maoned at every touch I gave her

I hadn't started yet and I was getting over excited about it, 
   Every minute was precious, every precious minute spent was doing something to me

   Something I couldn't spell out on my own 
   I stick my divk into her and she groaned wrapping her arms against my back as I pounded into her 

  You know the rest.


My eyes fluttered open to see myself tucked under the bedsheets, at first I wasn't sure about what I was doing here when I checked myself to see that I was naked

   Damn! He defiled me again! For the second time
   Arrhghh! Why am I so loose around him? What's wrong with me? 

     I bit hard making my way out of the bed when I saw him coming into the room shirtless and dripping wet from the shower he just had

     I gulped hard staring at his bare chest in full daylight 
  I had never seen him in broad day light so its actually my first time seeing him

    I breathed hard staring at him

   "You woke up? "He asked and I nodded my head 
   "Then get off my bed"he said harshly making me wonder what wrong I had done to him this time 

   "What!? "I asked in a confused tone and he glared at me coming to the bed again

   Oh jeez! Something started shaking inside of me when his distance closed in staring into my face 
     "Why are you making me want to touch you all the time? "

   "I'm your maid and not your sex slave"I reminded and he smirked holding my jaw up with one of his finger till his lips kissed mine

   Oh damn! I'm weak! Why can't I react whenever he touch me? Why am I limb and dumb too? 
    Instead my body will shake and become vulnerable for him

    Lust... Its lust Angel... My mind whispered to me.. 



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