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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗




I was happy after what I did earlier, I didn't go to work today cuz it was a Saturday 
    I was busy resting when my steward came to announce my twin brother's presence in the house 

    I hissed rushing out to go meet him, I saw him in my living room looking so dashing as if he didn't come out of prison
    "Hey "I cooed and he just nodded his head

   He had turned cold I guess, after staying for three whole years in jail isn't a joke at all

    "I came to say that I will have to stay in your house for a few days please"he said coldly and I nodded my head without words

    He need space from me and I understand 
   "Sure, what are we brothers for? "
   "No, not brothers anymore "he said heading into a guest room
   I deserve that cold treatment too

"Steward! "I called him and he came forward
   "Attend to him"I said coldly and left for my room too



"What happened "

"What happened? "Was what filled my ears till I got up in a swift running all my way to the bus stop so I could catch a bus home

   Oh no! That's noy true! Its all mummy's fault!Its all her fault! 
  I gulped hard when I flagged down a taxi hopped in, told him my location and he drove off 

   Few minutes later, I was home, I paid the taxi driver through my credit card and then hurried into the house

    Our relatives were filled in the room, she was weeping 
   I knew it was really true that father died
    I teared up weeping, I went to my mother's side and hugged her as we both cried together 

    He can't die, he shouldn't die... I wept for thirty minutes when a message popped into my phone

     *I'm hungry, come and cook*

I boiled in anger and was about saying something nasty when my mom whispered 
    "Get going now, your father is dead means that he's dead
   He's never coming back again"

    "What! All you've tosay! "I said half raising my voice that it alerted the voice of people in the room

   I checked my voice cleaning my wet face with the back of my palm
    "Mom why are you being like this? "I asked her and she ignored me still weeping 

   I got up to go and prepare to leave


I beame over excited when I texted her to come
   I dropped my phone getting so horny 
   I wish I will touch her tonight, so freaky! 

      I paced about the living room still waiting for her to surface when my brother came out of his room
     "Hey, I need some money"he requested coldly and I passed him my credit card and he seized his gaze at me

     "I can't go out on my own so you better go and get me some money! "He half yelled and I sighed 
   I didn't complain, I took the credit card with me and left to go get it for him myself 

   I would've sent my steward but he's not around, so I got to do it myself 


He has no conscience and no feelings for people at all, I will lash my mouth on him when I get there 

   How could he buy me so cheap and my father died too
   I reached his house, came out of the taxi paid his fare and went into the house 

     I met him in the living room sitting down carefully
   Like he was a gentle guy, ppsst! 

   "Hey you fool! How dare you buy me like that! Huh!! You know what? I hate you so much! I just don't want to call your name... "

   "Are you talking to me or my twin brother? "



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