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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗




What's happening? He's making me feel so cheaper than I have already felt 
   He bought me in a way my mother will never understand 

   I stopped struggling when I saw her sign the paper happily, I felt tearing up
  I'm his from now on

  My hatred for him started building up, he's so cruel and I hate him for that
    He smiled weirdly at me as sue collected the paper from my hand

   I bit my lower lips wishing I could punch his face and he winked at me
    "Thanks mother, I am expecting your daughter this evening else I will revoke this house"he said with an air of richness and it hurt me the more

   He came here to boast about his wealth to my mom after taking my virginity so cheaply two days ago

   "She will surely come, better start preparing to leave soon"my mom assured him and turned towards me probably to nag my head off

    He walked up to the door, turned around and took a one last glance at me before walking out

    It was then I bursted up 
"That wasn't fair mom! He's not a good man mom! 
  He's a flirt! He loves... "I stopped talking when I found out I was about to mention s3x in my sentence 

  My mom cared less about what I was saying
   "Go and prepare please, he's a kind man with a sweet face and nice body
  Girls like you should be running after him, "she half yelled and left me alone in the house 

   Who knows where she went to, I know she's happy cuz now she's a house owner but still, she didn't care to understand what kind of maid and mine he meant 

   Fear gripped me when I remembered how I'm going to lose my mind when he touches me again or when he gets closer to me one more time 

    I gulped hard cursing myself under my breath 
   It was a bad idea accepting that job in the first place 

   My friends started jumping and dancing when I narrated to them what transpired between Peter and I this past two days to them 

   "Calls for celebration!! Woo hoo!! "Lizzy shouted reaching for the beer bottle and serving herself some
   Rose followed suit and then Martha too

     It was a bad idea trusting in them or having them around as friends
   "Toast to would be Mrs Peter, the SEX FREAK!! "Lizzy shouted as the three of them held out their glasses in the air and clicked it on each other's glasses 

   "Its not what you think guys!! "I made to explain all over again so they would understand but they didn't hear me

  They seem to have gone nuts and it hurt me the most
  No one was willing to understand how I feel around him

   I feel cheap
   "You mean he even came to search for you in your house"Rose threw a question at me and they listened to me for an answer

   I barely nodded when they started shouting again
   "She made it! "

   "Angel made it! "

   "Whoa! I envy her so much"they shouted when a buzz came to my phone 

  It was a call from my mother, I didn't pick still angry about how she treated me earlier

   I put my phone on silent as a fresh anger boiled inside of me, I served my self a glass of wine and took a gulp

     The call persisted for some time until I saw a test message pop into the screen of my phone 
   Holding my phone with one hand and my glass of wine on the other I read the message 

    *Where ever you're, come back soon, Your father is dead! Poisoned!! *

   I choked in my drink and I didn't know when I started coughing and the glass I was holding slipped and fell to the ground 

   "What happened "they rushed at me but I wasn't with them anymore 

   I read the message over and over again to be sure if it was referring to me.... 



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