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His addiction🍆until he met her🤗


 EPISODE         2⃣5⃣


  "Don't tell me anymore! Okay slow down a bit, you said that you saw that maid I mean that girl I brought in for him with Peter? "I explained my question for him

  He nodded his head 
   "He slept with her and she ran out of the house and he had been having set backs in his company this two days now"he clarified and my jealousy flew higher

   Really? So he broke up with me cuz of that cheap thing I brought in for him in his house
   Its my fault,all my fault! 

I digged my own grave no doubt, if I had left that girl stranded like she was she won't have snatched my man away from me

    A lump stood in my throat making my eyes turn red and ready to do evil, if I can't have peter no one else would and I must revenge him for soiling my reputation 

     "... And you said she has a sick father? "I asked him from what he told me earlier 

  "Kill him "I said even without thinking the weight of the words u had put in

   "What! "He raised his voice in a surprised tone and I rechecked my statement
   "I mean hire someone to scrape of that old man, I will pay you "I said softly and he nodded his head

    "Done already"he replied and I giggled, at the mention of money he's ready to sell his master 
   Such a betrayal! 


Two days have been so hectic for me, I have slept with a number of girls but I haven't found someone who is exactly like her

Taste like her and so sweet like her and somehow I have a hard on whenever I remember her face, her shape and her voice

  I don't know why I feel that way but I can't control it, so I went in search of her
   I tried many lines and many sites on internet,names and an idea hit me

   The place she used to work as a baker before she started working as a maid for me
  That's how I got her through her boss and even her family details

  About her bed ridden details which she takes care of with her lonely mother in the outskirts of the city 

  So I drew a plan which might get her back into my house and I knew it would work if I used my influence on her
  That's how I got myself standing infront of her house, both of us staring at each other without words 
    "What are you doing here? "She asked me and I smirked
  I kinda missed this face of hers

    "Well am not here to speak to you, I bought this house on your mother's name"I announced and her eyes gave out the shock in them 

    I forced my way in and smiled seeing her mother 
   She's the replica of her mother 

   "Hey mother"I cooed at her and she smiled. 
We have met before, I brought out the papers I came with and she advanced towards me

     "I bought this house in your mom's name"I repeated and she took her eyes to her mother
   "Is that true? "She questioned her mother with inquisitive eyes and I chuckled

    "Yes"she nodded at her daughter and she put her eyes to me
  "So i and your mom agreed on the terms that you're mine, my maid "

    "What!! "

"Yes Angel or didn't you miss me? "I asked finding it exciting about my plan as I handed the papers to her mother to sign
    "No mom you can't sign that! I can't be his maid mom!! "



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