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His addiction🍆until he met her 🤗

Eroticals 💦💦

     EPISODE             2⃣4⃣


I felt like I was loosing control having his breath fanning my face deeply 
   And I felt his erection too pressing so hard against my lower tummy

    My body was strange and was reacting strangely to hjm
   Soon, I was sweating staring so hard at him

  How do I get out? No way else someone intervenes 
   I prayed for a miracle to descend between us when he smiled at me gumming his body harder to mine

   My body sent a sharp pleasure down my spine and I didn't know when I gasped in pleasure and I saw a smirk spread on his face

    "Hum don't tell me you don't feel my heat? 
  Don't tell me you don't want me to take you again now"he said lowering his head to my neck area and fanning me over there with his breath 

  What's wrong with me? Why do I feel so strange? Why do I feel like floating in the air? 

    My breath was so tense, I could hardly breath and it seems like my pains were gone 
   I felt his arms coiling against my waist and my breath became steady 

   "Jeez! Why can't I control myself from you Angel? "He asked me staring deeply into my eyes and those things I saw in his eyes earlier were still there inviting me to kiss his lips which were calling out for me

  No its so sudden.. He's my boss, this isn't proper... My sub conscious but her voice was subdued by my own voice of pleasure 

  I could hardly decide on what I wanted for a moment but I was relieved when his phone rang repeatedly 

   I breathed heavily, one, two... And then a deep breath... Three, four,... Another deep breath when he left me to answer his call

  My own chance to escape, I didn't wait up to pack up my belongings, I don't care if I was with my phone or not... I just disappeared out of the house heading for home

    I won't work here again, I recalled how I lost my virginity and tears brewed again around my eyes 


📲You're needed urgently in the office
Elena reported and I grinned badly 

She just spoiled what I wanted to have right now
   I squeezed my palms before touching my swollen flap grinning badly

   My hard on hasn't gone down yet, 
  I took a glance to look at the girl which I left there and realized that she was gone already

   I boiled in anger
📲I will be there soon
I hung up after I said that running out of the house to look for the girl but she was really gone!!! 

   Damn!! I swallowed hard

Where might she be? 

Two days later, 


My mom woke me up by tossing a pillow to my head 
   "Mom! "I called in a baby voice and she started nagging

   "Aren't you going to work today? It has been two days? Are you sure you didn't get sacked again? "

    "Mom leave me alone!! "

"I will but I came to tell you that a fine young man paid your dad's bills and our house rent too"

I sat up carefully on the bed when I heard her say this
  A fine young man, who might that be?

    "He's here to see you"
"Here to see me? "I said so startled 
  Maybe its Bryan, I will tell him that am not for him anymore 

     I stood up rushing to the door and tell him all this to his face but my jaw dropped and I started coughing instantly when I met Peter at the door


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