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His addiction🍆until he met her🤗

Eroticals 💦💦



What's wrong with me? I think I lost it
   What am I doing on his back and to worsen it all, my body was gumming so tight on his back 

    I was nervous, so terribly nervous to the extent that I couldn't move my body away from his

     He too was gummed to the floor so unmovable
   We stood like that for thirty minutes before he spoke up

   "I want... Is the rat... "He stuttered and shut up
Jeez! He might want to touch me now 
  He made to turn his face to me but I refused him of doing such

  "No don't"

"Why this is my right maid"

  "I'm naked"I squealed and he gave a very loud smirk turning his front to me

  Damn! He brought his gaze to my body once more, I almost choked with shyness as his body scrutinized me with ease without looking away 

  Then he took a step forward, my heart flew out racing deeply 
   He took another step towards me and I took a step backwards avoiding his gaze on me

    "What is he upto? What do he think he's doing? "
I invited him here and am naked too, no man will forgive a naked woman for making his divk twitch terribly because of her

   Another step forward from me sent my back to the wall and I knew there was no way out of my little mess

   He took a step forward again covering the little gap between us
   "Uhm... "He looked around for something I knew of 

   "See you downstairs, "he suddenly said and hurried out of my room.

I breathed out, 
   What just happened? Did he just leave? 

  Damn! I narrowly escaped a sex maniac) just now

     I rushed to my clothes and in a swift I was wearing a clothe 


I lost my appetite for food after what I escaped in her room
   Why did I run away from her? From pu$$y?? I'm so unbelievable!! 

   I will never let is pass me by again without getting a taste of her, never!... I vowed to myself leaving for work
   "Sir Peter you have a meeting by 08:00 am with Dr. Frank,
    An appointment with Barr. Nicole and... "

   "Did you just say Barr. Nicole? "I asked deeply concerned about the name Elena just called right now

  She nodded her head at the question 
  "Put him on call for me"I ordered

"Yes sir, I will do that later 
   Mabel wants you in her office by 12:00pm"

  I perked up my brow at the mention of Mabel
   Why does she want to see me? I thought I ended things with her on the night I fuvked her 

Maybe she misses my big man today too
  Well, I can give it out freely especially now that am in need of s3x
    "Go on"I urged her tossing my ball point pen to and fro as I listened keenly to her.

"And erm... Its about Mia"she said calmly and I smirked

Mia?, What does she want?I have already ended things with her

   "What about her? "

"You're meeting her in the evening to explain to her fans about you guys sudden break up"

   "Do I owe her any apology?.. "She shook her head at my question, 
   "Then I'm not going, carry on with the next schedule please "... 


"You won't believe me when I tell you what happened to me in Peter's house " I said to my friends over a video call conversation 

  I had never left the house, so he said 
  "What happened?he slept with you?
Oh my gosh!! "Rose yelled in anger hugging Lizzy as they giggled staring at me with a lot of admiration in their eyes

   What's so good about sleeping with Peter? Nothing but I was nervous back then when I made a move 

     "What happened?he slept with you? Huh tell us na, stop keeping us in silence "

   "He almost did"I replied and they went calm

  "He almost did and didn't!!I feel your pain girl"

Pain? Did I tell them am in pain? 



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