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His addiction πŸ†until he met herπŸ€—

Eroticals πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

      Episode           2⃣0⃣



   He came home earlier and invited me to his room, I came into his room and he started smirking 

    "You're beautiful, do you know that? "He asked me before he stood up from his bed and began to come towards me

    I became tensed up, Rose, Martha and Lizzy's words played in my memory

  I thought I said I wasn't working here anymore? Then what am I doing here again 

   I don't think I can resist this big massive body of his
  "You're sexy too, do you have a boyfriend? I know he enjoys a lot"he admired smacking his lips

   I gulped hard, what mess have I gotten myself into again? 
  "Why did you send for me sir? "I mumbled mincing words and he smirked bringing his hand to my hair

   I pushed his hand away slightly 
  "Well, I called you here to stay with me
  I want to be sleeping and watching you at the same time"

  "But sir... "

"Stop calling me sir"he corrected and I nodded 
  "Pete... "

"That's it, when you call me romantically like that
  I always get the message"he winked 

    I was heating up the more, I wish I can get out of here soon.

"I'm going home today"I said to him and he gave a sheepish grin to me
   "You're my maid remember, you have no rights to go home"he said in an orderly tone

  What do I do now? What is he thinking of doing to me? What would I do to put him off? 

  Maybe a lie, yes a lie

"I have a boyfriend "I admitted and I could see his face portray another expression 

  "Hmm, he's lucky then"he said lowly shifting away from me

   He went back to his bed and sat down soon, I couldn't hear his voice again
  He had slept off.

I gasped for breath and left his room
   I dialed my mom's number 


πŸ“²Where are you? I'm worried

I know she would be
πŸ“²I'm not coming home today, 

πŸ“²Is that the nature of your job? 

So she cared? 

πŸ“²Yeah, am sleeping over

πŸ“²Okay then bye! 

She hung up

  Oh shit! 

I went into my room sighing as I landed on the bed with my back.... 


I want s3x now, jeez!y divk is so fuvking hard now
   I stroke my divk and sweet feelings traveled around my spine

   I stroke it more till I was fully masturbating 

   I grunted still stroking harder and harder on my self.

"Sir.. "I heard my steward say 
 "Yes?? "I moaned out 

  "The maid said that I should tell you that your breakfast is ready "

The maid? Who is the maid? Oh that sexy Angel? 
  I cummed on myslef and climbed out of my bed to go take a shower

  I am not going to work today because today is Saturday 

  Few minutes later, I was downstairs waiting at the dining room to be served

   When I heard a sudden shout upstairs 
  I panicked flying the stairs again to her room

    I didn't waste time opening her door to know why she shouted like that 

  And my eyes almost shut down at what greeted me
   She was surprised too

She never knew I would meet her naked in her room
   Oh no! Something was sending a signal to my divk which I managed to cool down earlier

    I took in her nudity advancing towards her
  Damn! She has good succulent bΓΈΓΈbs 

  How about if I touched them, I held myself from doing so
   I must act like a brave man today 

   "Why did you shout like that? "I asked her taking my eyes off her body

  She began to stutter, no clothe was around her so she could cover herself and I thanked God because it gave me a clear view about her body 

   " It was a rat and... Arm.. I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... "She stuttered and I gulped harder seeing her lips moving to and fro in a bid to form words 

  I wanted to kiss it that minute but something was drawing me back
   "Oh.. A rat"i uttered in a sort of a question and she nodded so so embarrassed 

  She just cupped her two bΓΈΓΈbs with her hands yet, failed to cover her well shaped and hairy pu$$y 

   Touch her peter! Just a touch it won't kill.... My subconscious advice and I was quick to wave it off

    Instead, I turned my back on her and started moving away when she shouted again hugging me on my back

   My legs immediately grew shaky as her soft bΓΈΓΈbs hit my back.... 



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