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(Huo Mian, I Love You (17)

Huo Mian was playing with her phone at South Hill Manor when she saw Jiang Xiaowei upload this photo.

Su Yu’s head was down, and she could only see his profile. He was holding a cigarette between his long index and middle fingers.

She rarely spent time with Su Yu and therefore, so she hadn’t seen him smoke that many times.

Truth be told, he was quite good looking…

Su Yu’s appearance, capabilities, personality, and wealth were all the best of the best.

If she hadn’t met Qin Chu, Huo Mian would probably have fallen for Su Yu – after all, he had been so good to her.

However, there were no ‘ifs’ in life, only consequences, and results.

She had someone amazing, so she would never yearn for other things.

She generously clicked ‘like’ on Jiang Xiaowei’s upload.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Xiaowei smiled but didn’t say anything. She also didn’t tell Su Yu that Huo Mian liked her photo.

Like Zhu Lingling, Jiang Xiaowei was also on team Qin Chu.

They both admired the love of childhood sweethearts, so they supported Qin Chu and Huo Mian, no matter what.

Soon, they all had a lot to drink and the atmosphere reached its highest point.

Tang Chuan complained, “The three of our lives are so twisted, we’re basically monks… Neither of us has done it in a while, right?”

Wei Liao froze for a second before looking at Tang Chuan in disdain, “That’s not the case, is it? Yu here has someone in his heart and therefore weaned off women a long time ago. Xiaowei is pregnant, so I have to be careful… You’re a free man, don’t compare yourself to us, got it? It’s normal for you to sleep with more than one woman a night…”

“I don’t want to talk about it… I haven’t been feeling well recently, so I went to the Chinese medicine doctor and am currently trying to recuperate…” Tang Chuan said, looking dejected.

“Ha, you deserve it… Impotent little boy, am I right?” Wei Liao laughed proudly while Su Yu smiled but didn’t say anything…

“Yeah, I can’t do this to my body anymore… I only have one body, but there are countless women out there… I really have to take care of myself better…”

“Now do you know why most emperors die in their thirties or forties? Xianfeng Emperor, Tongzhi Emperor, and Guangxu Emperor all died young…” Su Yu suddenly added profoundly.

Jiang Xiaowei almost spat out the water she had in her mouth upon hearing this. The usually-calm Dr. Jiang couldn’t take it anymore. “You guys are so dirty-minded…”

“Honey, they’re always like that, you have to slowly get used to it,” Wei Liao put his arm aroura Jiang Xiaowei and consoled her.

It was almost 11 PM when they finished dinner and drinks; everyone was somewhat tipsy as they walked out of the restaurant.

“Yu, we’ll take you home first,” Tang Chuan offered.

“No, it’s okay, I’m fine. I’ll drive slowly,” Su Yu refused and climbed into his white Bugatti.

Wei Liao glanced at the way Su Yu was walking and said to Tang Chuan, “Don’t worry, Yu’s tolerance is scarily high, and we only had slightly more than we usually do. He should be fine driving himself… He knows his limits.”

Upon hearing what Wei Liao said, Tang Chuan felt more at ease and left in the RV with Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei, who dropped him off at his mansion before heading home themselves.

Su Yu, on the other hand, slowly drove his sports car, making circles in the city…

For some reason, after the drinks and excitement, he felt even more depressed…

Just then, a black BYD sped past Su Yu’s car, and the driver curiously slowed down to look at the luxury car behind him…

“Holy shit… Isn’t that the ten-million-yuan car, Bugatti Veyron? But… why is it so slow? It’s not even as fast as my BYD.”

Less than three seconds after saying this, the engine behind him roared, and then a white shadow sped past him…

He didn’t even see what it was; after coming back to his senses and taking a closer look, the BYD driver noticed that the Bugatti had already disappeared…

Although Su Yu liked racing and the alcohol made him more excited than ever… his brain was still lucid.

After stepping on the gas pedal, Su Yu sped all the way up to the most beautiful mountain top in C City.

Then, he parked his car, got off, and lit up a cigarette.

He took out his phone and quickly pressed that familiar string of numbers; right now, all he wanted was to hear her voice.


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