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(Snooker Celebrity Night (8)

Huo Mian slowly raised her head. “What if I don’t want to go, and I also don’t want you to go?”

Qin Chu gently smiled and said, “Then we can both stay home. The night’s long, we can exercise at home.”

Mr. Qin’s words made Huo Mian blush…

So, she wasn’t innocent anymore, was she?

“What are you talking about? I don’t want to exercise with you, stop being so shameless…” Huo Mian covered her bright red face and blamed Mr. Qin.

Mr. Qin replied innocently, “Honey, it’s so cold out. How is it shameless if we stay warm inside and work out?”

“Oh… We’re working out…” Huo Mian lowered her head.

“What were you thinking?” Qin Chu smiled deviously.

Huo Mian pretended to be an ostrich; she wanted nothing more than to bury her head into her plate and stay silent.

Qin Chu felt like his wife was too shy and she never wanted to talk about ‘sex stuff’.

Therefore, he wanted to educate her…

After a while, Huo Mian raised her head and said, “Ahem, I was joking. Snooker sounds great, we can play pool to kill time.”

“Whatever you want, Honey…”

Huo Mian already heard from Huo Siqian that Snooker Celebrity Night wasn’t as simple as just playing pool.

Most importantly, it was personally held by the Huaxia multi-billionaire, Mr. Li, for the purpose of finding himself a business partner.

Mr. Li’s Jinjiang International Corporation branched all over the globe. Who wouldn’t want to work with such a financially capable company?

Huo Mian decided to go with him from the beginning, but she still asked that question for fun…

She knew that Qin Chu valued her opinion above his business.

However, the more he valued her, the more she felt like she had to be responsible. She would feel more accomplished if her husband’s business was well off.

Time always passed by quickly and soon, it was Friday.

After Huo Mian finished work, she drove to GK like she always did.

GK’s stylist dressed her up, and the two went to the hotel where the event was held.

Most female stars or celebrities wore fur coats to dinner parties in the midst of winter because fur coats were both warm and fashionable. But if Huo Mian didn’t wear fur, would she wear a down jacket instead?

No, because it would seem inappropriate…

The situation was unfit for a casual outfit, so Huo Mian wore a suit.

Like Qin Chu, she chose a black Korean-style suit without buttons.

The material was high end, thick, and delicate. Her hair was blown up by the hair stylist into a fluffy blob, making her look extremely adorable.

She had on cropped black trousers, black studded heels, and a medium-length suit with a white v-neck on the inside.

With nude makeup, she looked like a whole new person. She was extremely stylish and well put together.

Even Qin Chu had never seen Huo Mian dressed like this, so he looked very stunned…

Who said that his wife wasn’t a looker? In his eyes, all the women added together in the world would lose to Huo Mian.

His coldness melted when he saw her, and his sharp gaze would turn as soft as water…

“Tsk, tsk, Young Madam looks better than all the celebrities…” Yang complimented her; Yang was one of those old-fashioned men who didn’t like women who wore revealing clothes.

Contrary to his preference, women liked wearing exposing, sexy outfits – they either exposed their shoulder or waist, or wore very low v-necks.

However, the young madam dressed conservatively without being a prude or out of style.

It wasn’t the first time he blabbered to his wife about her great style.

He then remembered that his wife solemnly replied, “First, get to Qin Chu’s level of success. Then, talk about what I wear.”

“Hey there beautiful, you free tonight?” Qin Chu walked to Huo Mian and joked.


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