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(A Tender Night (10)

Qin Chu nodded. “Mhm, although Huo Siqian has a lot of evil tricks up his sleeves, it’s undeniable that he found out about your real identity a long time ago.”

How and when did Huo Siqian find out about Huo Mian’s real family?

Qin Chu didn’t know; Huo Siqian was a mysterious man with a six-year gap in his life that even a powerful family like Rick’s couldn’t figure out. Therefore, things felt fishier than ever.

“How did he find out?” Huo Mian frowned. She and Qin Chu had been investigating her family for a long time but got nowhere, so how did Huo Siqian find out such a dangerous fact?

“That’s not important, but what he said was true and Rick and I have been confirming the facts over the past few days… We began connecting the dots. Do you remember the sky-priced white jade calabash you received during Chinese New Year?”

“I do…” Huo Mian said as she took the white calabash off her neck. She had been wearing it ever since she got it. For some reason, she felt comforted with this calabash around her neck.

“Your little sister gave this to you… She bought it at some international auction and kept the other one.”

This was information that Qin Chu and Rick dug up a few days ago…

“My little sister? I have a little sister?” Huo Mian burst out in happy tears, as emotional as could be.

Qin Chu nodded. “According to Huo Siqian, she went to see you at South Side some time ago.”

“She came to see me?” Huo Mian was in disbelief.

“Mhm, at South Side. She probably pretended to be a patient. Anyways, she saw you but I don’t think you noticed her.”

“There are too many patients at South Side… I really don’t remember.” Huo Mian didn’t recall seeing a strange girl at the hospital.

“It’s okay, you’ll meet sooner or later,” Qin Chu consoled her.

Huo Mian felt her heart beating faster than ever; she never thought that one day, she would get so close to the truth. “Honey… are you saying that she knows about me too?”


“Then after all these years, why haven’t they come looking for me?” Huo Mian didn’t understand why her father and sister didn’t come if they had known she was here for years.

“The… the situation’s complicated, let me slowly explain it to you.”

Then, Qin Chu told Huo Mian all the clues Huo Siqian told him, including the fact that Jing De was a bad guy who almost sold Huo Mian to some Holland gangster. Qin Chu also told her how her birth father killed Jing De and framed Qin Chu’s dad for it…

Huo Mian was dumbstruck; she never expected that she and Qin Chu’s 7-year separation was due to her birth father’s meddling. Of course, her father was trying to protect her – if Jing De sold her to that Holland gangster, she would’ve died a long time ago.

Then, Qin Chu told Huo Mian how Huo Siqian’s people were stationed at Dong Tao Town, stopping outsiders from looking into Huo Mian’s true identity.

“The truth is… on some level, Huo Siqian has been protecting you. Your father has been abroad all this time and therefore can’t control everything going on here. Huo Siqian’s been meticulous, even Rick’s men failed to obtain information about your identity in Dong Tao Town.”

“I know.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Do you know why he did all this for you?” Qin Chu asked, and after three seconds of silence, Huo Mian bit down on her lips. “Because he’s in love with me.”


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