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( A Tender Night (7)

“Su Yu, can we sing ‘Little Apple’?” Huo Mian turned to Su Yu with a smirk on her face.

Su Yu: “…”

“No way. I have no idea how to sing those weird country songs.”

Only Huo Mian could think of something so strange. Su Yu singing a song like Crossed Lovers? How ridiculous would he look?

“Hahaha, I’m only joking. I don’t know it either.” Huo Mian laughed out loud.

Truthfully speaking, now that she had cleared up the misunderstanding with Qin Chu, Huo Mian was much more relaxed and no longer depressed.

Huo Mian scrolled through the song menu and picked Chen Xuedong’s ‘Without Goodbye’.

She then handed Su Yu a mic and said, “Let’s sing this song, I love the melody.”


Su Yu was unusually quiet today as if he had a lot on his mind.

Huo Mian suddenly stopped singing after the first sentence of the song.

“What’s wrong?” Su asked, with the microphone in his hand.

“It’s too low… I can’t reach the notes.” Huo Mian pouted.

Su Yu chuckled at the trap Huo Mian dug for herself.

“Let’s change a song then.”

“No, this is a nice song. You sing it,” Huo Mian insisted…

Su Yu rarely sang; his visits to the Seductive Fox were mainly get-togethers with his friends for drinks.

Last time, at GK’s 30th anniversary, he sang <<Just One Time>> for Huo Mian, shocking everyone with his amazing voice.

This was his second time holding the microphone since then, and it was still because of Huo Mian.

“Okay then…” He could never say no to Huo Mian. Therefore, he sang quietly along with the beautiful melody.

As she listened, Huo Mian took her drink from the table and sipped at it.

She couldn’t help but admire Su Yu’s voice; it was truly pleasing to the ears.

Plus, the fact that the song was an incredibly emotional one made his voice that much more touching.

Huo Mian reveled in the sound of his voice as if she was enjoying a famous singer’s concert.

She watched the music video with so much focus that she didn’t even notice that Su Yu’s gaze was fixated on her during the second part of the song…

“There will be a new umbrella to shield you from the weather. Please don’t turn off the light you’ve lit for me.

Don’t cry for me, don’t let hopelessness bring you down. Although we cannot grow old together, don’t fade away with the snow and wind.

Tomorrow, in the next life, I’ll put a ring on your finger.

Forgive me, all I can bring are these flowers. My fancy clothes are only for show. Seeing the white dress pass me by, telling him ‘I do’.

I will continue to sweep the road and the stairs in front of the house. When you’re tired, don’t forget that there’s a place to rest.”

“You’re so good! Su Yu, you really have the voice of a god! You…”

Huo Mian turned to Su Yu to say something only to find his intense gaze on her.

It seemed like there were tears in his eyes…

“Su Yu…”


“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I’m just too into the song,” Su Yu said, quickly adjusting himself. He put down his microphone, grabbed a beer from the table, and began sipping slowly.

Huo Mian felt a bit guilty for picking the song. Maybe Su Yu wouldn’t be in such a bad mood if she had picked something different…

With Huo Mian going silent, the atmosphere suddenly turned awkward…

After a sip of alcohol, Su Yu suddenly changed the topic, “Where are you going later?”

“I’m going to find Qin Chu,” Huo Mian said with determination.

“Then what about the tails outside?” When Su Yu was driving, he noticed that he and Huo Mian were closely followed, all the way to Seductive Fox.

The duo only relaxed after they entered the private room. The surveillance footage in the room was only available for the owner of Seductive Fox to see.

Huo Siqian was not powerful enough to spy on them in a private room.

“I have my ways to get rid of them, but… I’ll need your help,” Huo Mian said slowly.


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