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( My Husband’s Business Comes First (5)

“Ma’am, don’t cry yet, I will try my best.”

“Dr. Huo, I’m counting on you for this. We can’t lose her…” the little girl’s father said with a pale face.

“I will. Don’t worry.”

While they were speaking, Huo Mian passed by them and walked up to the rooftop.

Winter in Northern Huaxia was extremely cold, with the harsh winds stinging your face. That feeling was really uncomfortable.

Huo Mian was still wearing the little suit that she didn’t get to change out of, with only a thin white lab coat over it.

As soon as she stepped onto the rooftop, her hair was blown into a mess by the wind.

“Yuning,” she called gently.

The little girl heard her call and turned around, her expression changing. “Sister Huo.”

“Yuning, what are you doing up there? Come down first,” said Huo Mian as she looked at the little girl, who was standing right at the edge of the rooftop.

The girl was so skinny that seemed like she could fall off with just a slight breeze.

“Sister Huo, I don’t want to live anymore… I’m so tired.”

“Silly girl, you’re already cured and can almost be discharged. You have your whole life ahead of you. You shouldn’t say such negative things right now. You’re still young, you are only fifteen years old…”

Huo Mian tried hard to convince her.

“But whenever I think about the fact that my life later on will still be arranged for me, I immediately feel boxed in… Maybe after I die, I can be truly free.”

“Planned out?” Huo Mian focused on that keyword.

“You can ask them…” The little girl stared coldly at her parents.

Her mom bowed her head in shame and said, “Her father and I wanted to send her to the UK since the environment there is better and the education quality is better, too. One of our neighbor’s kids went there without even finishing school here. Now his English is really good and his parents are so proud. We raised our daughter hoping she will be successful. Otherwise we-”

Without letting the little girl’s mom finish, Huo Mian cut in harshly, “So in order to satisfy your own pride, you’re willing to sacrifice your daughter’s well-being? Even her life?”

“We didn’t expect her to react so negatively either… We always thought it’s what she wanted.”

“Please don’t assume other people’s preferences. You aren’t her, how can you know what she likes? You said just now that you only have one daughter and that you can’t risk losing her. Now you want to plan out a beautiful future for her? Parents are unbelievable. In the beginning, when Yuning was first admitted to hospital, you should have thought about why a fifteen-year-old girl would develop mania, why she was smashing things and biting people like she’s crazy. It’s the only way she can release her emotions. You didn’t even treat her as your daughter, but as a study tool instead, something you can show off to others… After all, you’re the only one feeling satisfied.”

“You’re wrong, of course we care about her,” argued the girl’s father.

“Really? Then tell me what kind of movies she likes to watch, the kinds of books she likes to read, and the food she likes to eat? What are her hobbies? Who’s her favorite celebrity? What’s her favorite animal? What’s her favorite comic?”

After Huo Mian asked all those questions, the girl’s parents fell silent.

As parents, they didn’t even know their daughter’s hobbies.

“As her mom, shouldn’t you know the answer to all my questions? Enlighten me.”

“Why would I know? I only focus on her study and tutoring…” said the girl’s mom with shame.

“Feeling embarrassed now? You argued that you love your own kid, but you don’t even know the most basic things she likes,” laughed Huo Mian mockingly.

“Sister Huo…” The little girl seemed to be touched by what Huo Mian said, and she took a little step back from the edge.

Huo Mian noticed this subtle detail and felt happy.

“Yuning, do you trust me?” asked Huo Mian kindly.


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