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(The Huo Family’s Doors Will Always Stay Open for You (1)

“Yeah, what’s going on? Why are the news channels saying that you got divorced?” Anxious, Yang Meirong called Huo Mian again and again, but Huo Mian didn’t hear her phone ring… or perhaps she just didn’t want to pick up.

Only then did Huo Mian come back to her senses. She smiled and put her arms around her mother’s neck. “Mom, don’t worry… it’s a fake divorce, Qin Chu planned it.”

“Why would he plan a fake divorce?”

“Because of what’s happening with the company and competitors, of course. Don’t worry about us! Oh, right, I bought you a ticket to New Zealand, and the flight’s tonight. You can stay with Zhixin while you’re there and come back when everything’s over.”

“Why are you asking me to leave? Mian, did something happen?” Yang Meirong became more worried than ever upon hearing that she was being sent off to New Zealand that very evening.

“It’s not that… Qin Chu and I are going to teach the bad guys who have been framing us a lesson… those people have no moral bottom lines and will threaten us with our family. So, to make sure we don’t get distracted, can you live in New Zealand for a while? The scenery is beautiful down there, and Zhixin misses you! I told him already, he’s really excited to see you.”

“Really?” Yang Meirong was still worried.

“Of course it is, why would I lie to you? Would you rather stay and distract me?”


“Then let me help you pack, let’s go…” Before her mother could say anything else, Huo Mian ran into her mother’s bedroom.

She called Zhixin during the day and nonchalantly told him that the divorce was all a part of her and Qin Chu’s plan and asked him to take care of their mother for a while…

Zhixin had always trusted his sister, so he agreed almost immediately.

Huo Mian relaxed a tiny bit after sending her mom off in a plane. After all, she didn’t want her family to worry about her. Imagine how heartbroken her mother would be seeing her pale and dejected.

At 1 AM, after Huo Main dropped her mother off at the airport, she turned on the radio on her way home and heard two radio hosts joke about her and Qin Chu’s divorce.

The female host: “I’d be happy if I were Huo Mian. They were married for less than a year, but now she can get so much money in a settlement. Not only did Qin Chu agree to give her a bunch of estates and cars, he even gave her 1 billion US dollars from his Swiss bank account. My gosh, she’s never going to finish spending that money!”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian smiled in despair. “Haha, she’s right, I’m a billionaire now. But no matter how much money I have… I can’t get the man I love back anymore.”

After returning to Sky Blessing Court, Huo Mian went upstairs to shower. By the time she went back into her bedroom, her WeChat exploded with messages.

Apparently, Qin Chu, who had never once uploaded anything to his Weibo account, just updated his status.

It was 2:40 AM, why would he update his Weibo at this hour?

Huo Mian quickly opened her Weibo and clicked into Qin Chu’s Weibo to see what he posted.

“Married couples fall in love three times in their past lives to become one in this life. If they do not get along, they must be enemies. If they cannot find common ground, they should each seek justice. After saying goodbye, I hope my lady can seek happiness with another suitor. Let go of past grudges and hatred. From now on… two hearts will be relieved, and we will each live happily.”

Tears streamed out from Huo Mian’s eyes as she read what Qin Chu wrote…

Two hearts will be relieved, and we will each live happily….


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