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(Why is Getting Married so Hard? (7)

“The young madam, of course… President Qin is only good to her. He only smiles to her, only spoils her, only tells her jokes, only feeds her food…” Yang said in admiration.

“But the young madam isn’t even that good looking,” she sneered in jealousy, thinking back to the woman in the black suit who awarded her the crown many nights ago.

Her remarks instantly displeased Yang…

“That’s funny… We’re not ones to judge her beauty, President Qin is. Anyways, a woman’s beauty is not as important as their manners and qualities… The young madam is at a level most women can never reach… No woman can win a man’s respect with their beauty alone, inner beauty is more important… Without inner beauty, she’s just a bimbo…”

Yang purposefully exaggerated the word ‘bimbo’ and turned around to leave after finishing his rant, leaving Chen Yuyao’s face pale from anger…

“He’s just a stupid assistant… What’s with the attitude, seriously.”

Chen Yuyao, the self-proclaimed most beautiful woman in C City, had run into a cold wall on her first attempt to approach Qin Chu.

She wasn’t down, however, and she believed that as long as she stayed at GK, she would eventually get closer to Qin Chu.

There was no rush…

After all, she was still young. She was only twenty-two, three years younger than Huo Mian…

– Inside the Huo Corporation’s conference room –

A dozen rich businessmen looked uncomfortable as they remained silent.

“Everyone, what do you think about my idea?”

“President Huo, that’s risky… You’re basically risking eight thousand of our own men just to hurt ten thousand of your enemies. Even if you reach your goal, the gains are not worth that much more than the losses…”

“Who said that? If we’re losing eight thousand men for ten thousand, we’ll still win by two thousand, no?” Huo Siqian smiled.

“That’s absurd… Huo Siqian, your idea is crazy. Do as you please, but we’re not playing your little games. You’re breaking the rules, the industry is going to despise you… The consequences are immeasurable, what if the situation gets out of control in the end? Are we going to go down together?”

“How is that possible? We’ll be the biggest winners, it all depends on whether you’re brave enough.”

“I agree with President Zhang too, Siqian. You’re still young and arrogant, you can’t act like this, nobody can. Back in our days, we all played by the rules, and breaking them will lead to bad consequences.”

“You guys… Old age had really shrink your guts…” Huo Siqian put a piece of gum in his mouth and chewed lazily, as if he paid the businessmen in front of him no mind…

“What are you doing with us if you think we’re too old? Play your games alone then.”

After speaking, a man in a gray suit who looked about fifty stood up furiously to leave…

Before he reached the door, however, he heard Huo Siqian say, “Uncle Zhang. Say, if your wife knew about your twelve-year-old illegitimate son, would she turn against you? From what I know, your wife holds forty-five percent of your company’s shares. With your children’s shares, they definitely have more than you. If she files for divorce, your assets will shrink by half and your name will be left in shambles.”

“What are you going on about? What illegitimate son?” the man pointed at Huo Siqian and demanded rudely.


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