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( Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (12)

“I’d die a happy death if Huo Mian died with me. Then, we’ll keep each other company in the netherworld.”

“In your dreams… you can’t have her, not even in your death.” Qin Chu pushed the gun onto Huo Siqian’s head and slowly began to pull the trigger.

He really wanted to shoot this psycho’s brains out… but it was too risky.

He had heard of this organization in the States, one that terrified everyone.

Even Huo Mian’s father and sister couldn’t deal with them, so how could Mian? She wouldn’t even kill an ant!

They were not at all on the same level…

Huo Siqian’s expression remained calm because he knew Qin Chu couldn’t kill him. “If you kill me, Mian will die as well… If you go back to doing what you guys were doing, Mian will die once I send in her information… But if you divorce her, I will keep her secret for the rest of my life and everyone will live in peace. Qin Chu, you’re a smart man, I know what you’ll choose…”

After Huo Siqian said this, Qin Chu whipped his gun at Huo Siqian’s left cheek with all his might, causing the latter’s face to immediately swell up…

“I’m going to kill you, you asshole!” Qin Chu yelled as he threw another punch at him.

Huo Siqian actually didn’t fight back; he seemed to have anticipated this reaction from Qin Chu. No one could withstand this amount of shock, not even the cold and indifferent Qin Chu.

“Once you’re done, go home and sleep on it. You only have 23 hours, 58 minutes and 30 seconds left.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Chu stopped hitting him and put away his gun. Then, he turned and left.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” Huo Siqian shouted arrogantly before bursting in laughter; he knew what Qin Chu was going to do.

Qin Chu drove as fast as he could to a secluded area and set the yellow envelope on fire, destroying everything.

He knew it was useless for him to do that since Huo Siqian probably had a lot of backup files.

Once Mian’s identity was announced to the world, she would finally find out who her father and sister was, but… she’ll also be forced into entering a completely different world.

By then, she would never be able to live peacefully again.

He didn’t want that life for her…

That was why Mian’s father loved her but never came looking for her. How could his father not love Mian? He probably felt happy whenever he read about her on the newspaper…

It was already 6:30 PM when Qin Chu arrived back at South Hill Manor.

“Honey, you’re right on time, let’s eat! I asked the kitchen to make us some rose buns, they’re delicious! There’s also sweet and sour soup and seafood medley, they’re your favorite dishes, right? Haha, you’ve been so tired recently I figured you needed to keep up with the nutrients.”

“Mhm,” Qin Chu replied listlessly; his expression remained grim no matter how excited Huo Mian appeared.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Wasn’t the incident at the company resolved already?”

“It was.”

“Then is it because of ICAC? Did Xu Changzhi further accuse you of something?”


“Is it Dad’s condition? You’re the lead surgeon, so I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Huo Mian consoled him, but he shook his head. “No.”

“Then why do you look like someone owes you money? Come on, show me a smile, you’re not good looking this way,” Huo Mian said as she coyishly wrapped her arms around Qin Chu’s neck.

Qin Chu suddenly hugged Huo Mian with all his might… as if he was afraid of losing her.

This surprised Huo Mian. “Ahem… We’re in the living room, everyone’s looking at us.”

South Hill Manor was too big, so there were more than a dozen workers, including maids, housekeeper, and chauffeurs.

“Don’t move, let me hug you.” Qin Chu was unwilling to let Huo Mian go; she felt like he was trying to stuff her into his own body or something.

“Honey… did something happen?” As smart as Huo Mian was, she immediately noticed that something was wrong. Really wrong.


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