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( Huo Siqian, What Are You Trying to Do? (5)

The article called GK an immoral developer that had been ripping people off for decades, refusing to lower its prices even when all the other companies did so. Therefore, no one should buy their properties.

After this article was published, countless people, either netizens or the water army, shared it. In a nutshell, this incident blew up in GK’s face.

Some netizens even cursed at GK on Huo Mian’s Weibo.

Qin Chu had Weibo as well, but he never uploaded anything, nor did he allow others to comment on his page, so these people ended up targeting his wife.

Huo Mian’s Weibo was verified since she was South Side’s chief neurologist and the wife of GK’s President Qin.

With nowhere else to vent their anger, netizens gathered under Huo Mian’s page, adding 50,000 comments to her existing 10,000.

“Huo Mian, your husband owes us an explanation! You completely ripped us off, we purchased your apartments last year, but other companies reduced their prices this year.”

“B!tch Huo, you and your husband are evil business people! I hate you!”

“Qin Chu should at least explain why he’s refusing the lower prices!”

“I heard your husband’s not even Huaxia’s citizen, he’s an American citizen. I wonder if it’s true because if it is, I get why an American person would rip us off. Did you become American after you married him? Do you have the guts to show us your passport?”

“Mian, I believe in you… and I believe that your husband is being put in a difficult position. Can we at least get an explanation?”

“Dr. Huo, why are so many people cursing at you? What happened?”

“Huo Mian, you should persuade your husband into lowering his prices, or else he won’t be able to sell his properties. The prices shouldn’t have been set so high in the first place, at worst you’ll make a little less money than you’re supposed to. The real estate industry enjoys extravagant profits anyways.”

“I’m just waiting for more drama to unfold…”

“I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m enjoying this.”

“Mian, are you still going to get married on the 28th? Will the wedding be affected? I have a feeling that you won’t be able to get married. Please don’t curse at me, fellow netizens, it’s just a feeling…”

Huo Mian sighed… Without replying to anyone, she exited Weibo.

Show everyone her passport? Why should she? American citizenship? Were they kidding?

Force GK into lowering its prices? If it did, the company would go under in a week, and Qin Chu would really go bankrupt…

Those in the dark will never know what happens when a conglomerate lowers their prices by 50%. It was basically an act of digging their own grave.

Qin Chu stayed at the company overnight, discussing possible countermeasures. Huo Mian sat in his office and patiently waited for him as she WeChatted Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling, explaining to them what happened.

– Imperial Star Headquarters –

Su Yu left the company 30 minutes early and drove straight to the Huo Corporation. He was determined to give Huo Siqian a good beating today…

How dare he fight dirty, working with the old men of other companies to force GK into a tight corner. This was such a shameless move on his end…

“Sir, who are you looking for?” The receptionist stopped him in the lobby, and Su Yu spat angrily, “Tell Huo Siqian to get the hell out here.”




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