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(The Huo Family’s Doors Will Always Stay Open for You (5)

“Nothing,” Huo Mian replied quietly.

“Are you planning on starving yourself?” Su Yu teased her; he knew his regular methods wouldn’t be able to comfort Huo Mian.

“I’m not.”

“Then you should eat properly, only then will you have the energy to track Qin Chu down and demand an answer from him.”

Huo Mian didn’t respond…

“What do you want to eat?” Su Yu asked again, and Huo Mian immediately answered, “BBQ pork buns.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes lit up; he knew saying that would work.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at some dim sum restaurant and Su Yu ordered a tableful of dishes.

Huo Mian didn’t say anything; she looked down and began eating.

He knew nothing tasted good to her right now, but eating was necessary because she needed to keep her energy up.

After they finished eating, Su Yu drove Huo Mian straight back to Sky Blessing Court.

Before he left, Huo Mian opened her mouth to say something, “Su Yu…”

“Don’t thank me.” Su Yu stuffed Huo Mian’s words back into her mouth. “I didn’t do much, all I did was stand with you for a while and treat you to a midnight snack… What happened to you guys isn’t something I can help with, no matter how powerful I am. I can’t cure your heart of pains, I can’t wipe away your memories, nor can I give you what you want like Doraemon. I’m just a friend who’s willing to show up when you need me, so… don’t think too much into it and don’t thank me. You need to buck up and stay strong… you’re too sturdy to be knocked down by anything.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian smiled; she hadn’t smiled like this ever since Qin Chu asked for a divorce. “Okay then, I’ll go in now. Drive safe.”

“Mhm.” Su Yu nodded.

After Huo Mian turned around and went in, Su Yu stood outside her door for about ten minutes. In fact, there wasn’t really much going on in his mind. All he wanted to do was to accompany her.

He knew how depressed Huo Mian must be. She was willing to live and die with Qin Chu, but he abandoned her…

After a cigarette, Su Yu looked up at the bedroom on the second floor before driving away.

– The next morning –

Huo Mian and Su Yu made it to the front page –’GK Ex-Young Madam Seemingly Hooked up with Imperial Star President, Affair or New Relationship?’

Some paparazzi took a photo of Su Yu driving Huo Mian back to Sky Blessing Court, and because of the news, rumors immediately began to spread.

Huo Siqian shook his head as he watched the news that day. “Tsk tsk, Mian, you’re such a bad girl… why are you so close with Su Yu? He’s scum… once the war ends, you have to come back to me, okay? I can’t wait.”

Huo Mian’s phone had been off for days, so she didn’t go on Weibo nor WeChat. Netizens swore on her page and accused her of having an affair, which led to her and Qin Chu’s recent divorce.

In the end, things went out of hand…

Reporters surrounded Qin Chu outside GK and waited for Huo Mian at Sky Blessing Court.

That day, she didn’t leave her mother’s house… But when Qin Chu walked out of GK, the reporters swarmed up to him like bees to honey.

“President Qin, could you explain what happened last night?”

“President Qin, is your ex-wife and President Su having an affair? Is that why you got divorced?”

“President Qin, a while ago something like this happened in the entertainment industry as well, the wife of some superstar had an affair with his manager, so he announced their divorce on social media… Was that the reason behind your Weibo post?”

“President Qin, when did you find out that your wife was having an affair with President Su?”

“President Qin, will you remarry?”

“President Qin, can you disclose how many assets you gave your ex-wife? We heard you gave her as much as 1 billion US dollars in alimony.”

“President Qin, do your parents know about what happened? Did they say anything about it?”

The reporters left no room for Qin Chu to pass…

Going crazy, Yang shouted at the reporters, “Please move, stop crowding here!”

“President Qin, can you comment? Your ex-wife is causing public indignation. If she really had an affair while you were married, the people will seek justice for you…”

What this reporter said finally angered Qin Chu.


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