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(Why is Getting Married so Hard? (8)

Huo Siqian chuckled. “Then again, that son of yours looks so much like you, I bet that you wouldn’t want him to study abroad either because you’ll miss him too much. The Sixth Elementary School is pretty good, he gets driven to the back gates of the school at 7:10 every morning and gets picked up at 3:15 every day after school. He then goes to a Taekwondo dojo named ‘Cloud’s Might’ and dines at Tang’s Kitchen every night at 4:30…”

“You… You investigated my son?”

“No, I didn’t investigate him, I’m just reminding you that there are so many accidents in life… I don’t want you to lose your son so soon…”

“Huo Siqian, f*ck you…” The middle-aged man was so furious that he leaped for Huo Siqian, but the latter quickly spun around and grabbed the man’s fist…

He squeezed forcefully to which the sound of bones crunching followed; the man let out a miserable scream, leaving everyone in the conference room as dumbfounded as could be.

They never thought that Huo Siqian would be so outrageous and bold.

“Old Zhang, I call you Uncle Zhang out of respect… Don’t challenge my bottom line… Otherwise, the Zhang Family might suffer a tragic loss… Your son’s well being depends on your decision today…”

Mr. Zhang was in excruciating pain but didn’t dare to say another word.

He knew what Huo Siqian was like, he had no bottom line and would do anything.


A few guards busted in.

“Take Uncle Zhang to the hospital so he can get patched up…” After speaking, Huo Siqian spat the gum out.

He then scanned the room and asked, “Does anyone have anything else to say?”

Nobody spoke as they lowered their heads, unable to agree nor disagree.

Huo Siqian pulled out a chair, sat down, and looked at the middle-aged man to his left. “Uncle Gao, your daughter’s got a great body… I happen to have a DVD of her’s. She’s got quite the exotic taste, ordering black men at the nightclub… Imagine if that got out…”

“President Huo, I am completely on your side. I support your idea a hundred percent.”

Before Huo Siqian could finish, the middle-aged man declared his allegiance.

Huo Siqian looked at another elder beside him and said, “Uncle Yang, I was the one who covered up the news of your son raping a college girl. If that news were to get out to the media…”

“President Huo, I support you too.”

“Brother Jiang…” Huo Siqian didn’t even get to finish his sentence.

The man immediately replied, “I agree with your idea, President Huo.”‘

After he finished, the rest followed and showed their support.

The situation was completely opposite from what it was five minutes ago…

These people were all smart, nobody wanted Huo Siqian to poke holes in their perfect lies and expose the horrible truth underneath.

Disagreeing meant unspeakable consequences…

Huo Siqian seemed pleased and smiled. “Thanks to your support, I shall go ahead then… I will inform you of the plan in the future. Also, if what was discussed in the meeting got out, then, funerals will need to be planned… Haha, of course, I’m just getting this out here. Given everyone’s wits, I trust that I don’t have to warn you against digging your graves.”

After the meeting, the dozen men left one after another…

Huo Siqian was in a great mood as he walked down the stairs.

Wang Shasha ran to him and held his arm with her hands.

“Siqian, I made a mistake. I’ll never criticize Huo Mian again. Please forgive me, okay?”

Upon hearing this, Huo Siqian narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Shasha…


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