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(Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (16)

“One day as husband and wide, a hundred days of grace. I won’t treat you unfairly just because we’re divorced, write down what you want here,” Qin Chu said as he took out another divorce application from his inner pocket and handed it to Huo Mian.

Her heart sank… It seemed like Qin Chu was determined on the two getting divorced.

Huo Mian took the divorce application and wrote ‘GK Corporation’ under the ‘asset division’ section. “You want to compensate me? I want the GK Corporation, can you give it to me?”

Huo Mian was so furious she felt like she could burst, but she still had to force herself to stay calm…

“If you want GK, I’ll give it to you,” Qin Chu sounded calmer and colder than she did.

“What do you mean? Qin Chu, are you so set on divorcing me that you’re willing to give the entire company to me? Are you that sick of me? It’s only been a year,” Huo Mian asked as tears streamed down her face… Qin Chu seemed especially heartless today and didn’t look at her at all. Huo Mian felt so sad she felt like she was dying.

Qin Chu remained silent…

After a while, Huo Mian took a deep breath in and asked Qin Chu in a trembling voice, “We’ve been together for a long time and know each other well, so you can’t trick me. I know you must have some unspeakable reason to insist on a divorce… but, what you’re doing is really hurtful… We’re grownups, not children playing house. Are you sure you want a divorce? Have you thought it through?”

“Mhm,” Qin Chu replied with much difficulty, and Huo Mian felt something inside her rip with pain.

“Do we must have to get divorced?” Huo Mian reconfirmed with him.

She knew him well enough to know it wasn’t because he was sick and tired of her, or if there was someone else.

Qin Chu decided not to give her a reason because he knew Huo Mian wouldn’t believe her…

“Mhm.” Qin Chu nodded again.

“I have one last question, you want me to sign on this divorce agreement, right?” Huo Mian choked back tears as she said, enunciating each word.

The truth was, Qin Chu was about to break down. But, for Huo Mian’s future, he had to uphold his posture and pretend to be calm.

“Yes.” He clenched down on his teeth and nodded.

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian’s tears began rolling down uncontrollably again. “Fine, I’ll sign it, have it your way.”

Then, she picked up the second divorce agreement and signed ‘Huo Mian’ onto it; she didn’t even read the clauses.

“What about asset division…” Qin Chu glanced at the blank column, and Huo Mian said, “Why would I need all that without you? Haha… I had nothing when I married you, so I don’t plan on bringing anything with me with I leave. Just let it be. If that’s what you want, then just let it be.”

Then, she turned around and began gathering her clothes.

It was already late into the night. Huo Mian gathered her things slowly because she thought Qin Chu would stop her from leaving. At least he would let her stay the night.

Perhaps an extra night would change the outcome of the situation.

To her surprise, Qin Chu said, “It’s late, I’ll ask the driver to take to Sky Blessing Court.”

Huo Mian’s heart sank upon hearing this, and her last straw of hope disappeared, just like that. It seemed like he didn’t want her to even stay another night…



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