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( Why is Getting Married so Hard? (6)

“I’m not going to do anything, don’t worry. I don’t need to… someone else is more restless than I am,” Song Yishi replied as she smiled eerily…

Huo Siqian wouldn’t come to terms with Huo Mian holding a wedding, would he?

It would be chaotic for sure, and the truth was, she couldn’t wait for Huo Siqian to take action.

And if he could really tear Qin Chu and Huo Mian apart, she would be able to take advantage of the situation, right?

– Huo Corporation HQ –

Huo Siqian was throwing darts at the target and hitting the bullseye every single time with incredible accuracy.

The twenty-eighth was a great day, and it was only two weeks away.

It seemed like Mian couldn’t wait to announce her love for Qin Chu to the world…

As for Huo Siqian, he couldn’t wait to confess his feelings to Huo Mian.

He found excitement in thinking about it…

“President Huo, the people you asked for are here.”

“Good, you can go now.”

Huo Siqian then put down the dart in his hand and wiped his hands with a white handkerchief.

Then, he licked his lips and headed into his office.

He had to hurry up and plan a giant ‘surprise’ for his favorite sister, Huo Mian.

– GK Headquarters –

Qin Chu was just about to leave after taking care of some documents when his office door opened and a young woman walked in…

She was about 1.7 meters tall, slim, fit, and she had curves in all the right places.

Most importantly, she was strikingly beautiful. Her long lashes adorned her huge eyes, and the shape of her mouth and nose were just perfect.

She was a breath-taking beauty…

Her beauty was equal to that of Mo Xue’er and Jian Tong.

“President Qin…”

“You are?” Qin Chu frowned.

The woman was a little stunned that President Qin didn’t know who she was. However, she quickly regained composure and answered, “President Qin, I’m Chen Yuyao.”

Qin Chu remained silent, he seemed to have no recollection of the name…

Seeing Qin Chu behave in such a manner prompted the woman to introduce herself, “President Qin, I am the winner of the Star of GK.”

“Did you need me for something?”

“Uh, I came because I wanted to discuss the exact details of my contract with you.”

“You should talk to the director of GK Film and Television about that,” Qin Chu replied coldly and distantly… He paid her no mind as he left the room.

He left Chen Yuyao, who had dressed up very formally, stunned out of surprise with a folder in hand.

She initially chose to compete due to her self confidence and connections.

She beat everybody else by miles in terms of both online and phone voting.

However, from the beginning to the end, she never once saw Qin Chu. The truth was, he was no stranger to her – she first saw him on an economics magazine while traveling on an airplane.

Upon seeing his photo, Chen Yuyao felt her pulse rise and face redden…

She even thought that he was the man she was looking for.

Chen Yuyao didn’t come from an insanely rich family, but all of her family members were academics.

Her grandpa, parents, and aunts were all researchers.

Her grandpa was the director of a famous research institute…

Her family background was comparable to Gao Ran’s.

Her family was against her joining the entertainment industry, but she never looked back.

She didn’t do it for fame or money, she just wanted to approach Qin Chu…

Unfortunately, it was Huo Mian who gave her the trophy at the finals.

From the beginning to finish, she never saw Qin Chu in person.

So, she came to the president’s office with her contract bravely in an attempt to approach him…

However, she felt as if a bucket of icy water was dumped on her…

“Eh? Miss Chen, what are you doing here?” Yang was delivering files when he saw Chen Yuyao.

“President Qin… Does he always treat others like this?” Chen Yuyao felt wronged.

“Like what?”

“Ice cold…”

“Oh, he’s basically always like this. The president is like this to everyone except one person.”

“And who’s that?” Chen Yuyao was curious.


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