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(Something Big in New Year (2)

“Pregnant my ass, I’m not, I swear.”

“You have to try harder, Sis, I really want to be an uncle.”

“That’s not up to me… okay? You should ask your brother-in-law to try harder,” Huo Mian replied furiously.

To her surprise, Zhixin’s answer was even more enraging. “I did, and he said he’s trying hard enough.”

Huo Mian was speechless; was Mr. Qin teaching children how to be dirty now?

Elated that Zhixin was back, Huo Mian took the afternoon off. She drove the two of them back to Sky Blessing Court. When they arrived, Yang Meirong was cleaning the house.

She was in an apron sweeping the floor.

Upon hearing footsteps, she didn’t even turn around. “Mian, aren’t you on-call today? Why are you here?”

“Mom!” Zhixin stood by the door and shouted.

Upon hearing Zhixin’s voice, Yang Meirong froze for a second before quickly turning around.

“Mom, I’m back!” Zhixin smiled, handsomely standing in the hallway.

Yang Meirong immediately went from surprise to happy tears.

She was even more emotional than Huo Mian was…

“Mom… my little brother’s home, shouldn’t you say something? Why are you just standing there?” Huo Mian chuckled.

After Huo Mian’s reminder, Yang Meirong came back to her senses. Throwing her broom aside, she ran up to Zhixin and hugged him as tightly as she could. “Zhixin, why did you come back so suddenly?”

“I was going to come back for Spring Festival anyways. I didn’t tell you guys so I could give you and Sis a surprise,” Zhixin said as he hugged his mother back.

“You child… what a chore.” Yang Meirong began crying, just like Huo Mian did.

After hugging each other for a little while longer, Yang Meirong immediately went into the kitchen to make lunch.

Zhixin, on the other hand, opened up his suitcase and began organizing the gifts he brought back.

“Sis… this is for you.”

“You got me a present? I’m the luckiest sister in the world!” Huo Mian smiled as she took the delicately-wrapped rectangular box from Zhixin.

“It’s a local brand of perfume. It’s not a luxury brand, but the scent is really nice. It’s all natural, foreigners like natural and non-stimulating ingredients…”

“Thanks, Little Bro.” Huo Mian was extremely happy, and she even took out her phone to take a photo of the perfume as memorabilia.

Then, Zhixin placed a scarf on the couch. “This scarf is for Mom, it’s really pretty. I have a couple of Chinese friends there that also bought this for their moms.”

“Good job, little brat, you know to bring us presents now,” Huo Mian exclaimed.

“I bought something for my brother-in-law too. I’ll give it to him when he comes for lunch.”

“What did you buy him? Let me see,” Huo Mian moved up to Zhixin and asked him.

“No… it’s a secret.” Zhixin suddenly closed his luggage.

“Humph! you’re so stingy…”

“So I am, come bite me!”

The brother-sister duo quickly began childishly chasing each other around the room…

Huo Mian felt like they were young again; she and Zhixin used to chase each other in the courtyard of their old house.

In the blink of an eye, everything had changed – they moved, she got a new job, and they had all changed.

The only thing that remained the same was her relationship with Zhixin.

Yang Meirong was in a good mood and made 16 dishes for lunch. It was all food that Huo Mian, Zhixin, and Qin Chu liked.

The latter arrived just in time for lunch. As soon as he walked in, Huo Mian ran up to him and pushed him into the bathroom. “Go wash your hands, right now.”

Qin Chu smiled and followed Huo Mian into the bathroom without saying anything.

Then, Huo Mian pretended to be mad as she pointed at Mr. Qin. “Why didn’t you tell me that Zhixin was coming back if you already knew about it? I thought I was your wife! Aren’t you my husband?”


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