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( New Year’s Eve (1)

“President Su… this…” Apparently, even the host felt like he was put in a difficult position.

“What? I can’t do that?” Su Yu questioned domineeringly.

“No.. no.. of course it’s allowed. It’s just such a pity because Mr. Li knows that Mr. Su is good at snooker.”

“But I just don’t feel like playing snooker tonight,” said Su Yu with a lollipop in his mouth that he had somehow obtained.

With a devil-may-care attitude, the Su Yu in front of Huo Mian right now was the same Su Yu she met in the very beginning – he had no regard for anyone and was extremely arrogant.

“Okay, so I will now announce that President Su of Imperial Star Entertainment has forfeited his spot voluntarily.”

After the host announced this, there wasn’t even any time for people to discuss what happened because the tournament had started.

A lot of people signed up that night.

All those rich people were trying their luck. What if they won? They would get the opportunity to sign a three-year contract with Mr. Li!

But most of the people who entered were men. There were not many women who could play pool well, much less the more challenging game of Snooker.

So after Huo Mian signed up for the competition, she noticed that she was one of the only ten women who entered.

But that included the Song cousins, which was not surprising. They were always there whenever something was happening.

They were afraid of missing out at attracting people’s attention.

Huo Mian was used to that…

But why would Su Yu just give up like that? It didn’t seem like something he would do.

Huo Mian was confused as she began her three rounds of elimination games.

Because Tang Chuan and Wei Liao had both entered, they didn’t even have time to ask why Su Yu gave up.

Su Yu just sat there calmly like a spectator and watched people play.

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan came down during the break after the three rounds were over.

“Yu… what’s going on?” asked Tang Chuan.

“Why did you give up? It’s not your style.” Wei Liao felt confused too.

Su Yu calmly grabbed an apple and took a bite. “I just don’t want it to be like last time.”

After hearing what he said, Tang Chuan and Wei Liao looked at each other and immediately understood what Su Yu was talking about.

Then Su Yu continued, “She definitely wants Qin Chu to win, so if I entered and won, she would be disappointed. But if I lose, then it doesn’t make any sense for me to enter — I don’t want to be the cannon fodder and get defeated.”

“So basically, you were worried that if you beat Qin Chu, Huo Mian would be mad. Right?” Tang Chuan felt annoyed.

“But you can’t say that. Huo Mian is not that petty. I think Yu just didn’t want to have another one-on-one competition with Qin Chu. After all, Huo Mian is always on Qin Chu’s side, so it just doesn’t make sense for him to torture himself like last time.”

Su Yu nodded…

After three rounds, the twenty people who remained were split up into ten groups.

Then came the one on one PK round, where the competitors could each select their opponent.

Song Yixuan was already eliminated and unsurprisingly, Song Yishi advanced.

Huo Mian thought Song Yishi would definitely choose her. But, she didn’t.

Song Yishi’s gaze calmly swept past her and landed elsewhere; she said, “I choose Ni Yang.”

Song Yishi was not that stupid. She had lost too much to Huo Mian…

Therefore, she concluded that Huo Mian was indeed a smart woman.

All else aside, Huo Mian picked things up quickly, and the fact that she volunteered to enter this competition meant that she was not just an ordinary player.

Though Song Yishi could play well too, she didn’t want to lose to Huo Mian in a situation where everyone was looking. That would be really embarrassing.

“Hehehe…” Ni Yang chuckled after being chosen by Song Yishi.

From Ni Yang’s perspective, Song Yishi intentionally chose him because she was afraid to lose to Huo Mian.

But was he actually someone who was an easy target?

When Ni Yang passed by Huo Mian with his pool cue, he murmured, “Sis, let me avenge you. I will defeat Song Yishi so badly that she cries.”

Upon hearing what he said, Huo Mian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

While she was still caught up in the emotion of processing what Ni Yang said, she heard a man’s voice say, “I choose Huo Mian.”

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