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(New Year’s Eve (5)

“Just watch, Huo Siqian’s playing a mind game. He’s grabbing onto Qin Chu’s weakness and attacking relentlessly.”

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan had always placed Su Yu and Qin Chu on the same level.

As far as they were concerned, Huo Siqian was at a lower level than the two gods and they always had a distaste for that man.

He was nothing more than an adopted child who got rich through leeching off his parents.

Su Yu, however, saw him in a different light.

Over the past few years, he dealt with Huo Siqian here and there.

Although they weren’t great friends, they were well-acquainted with one another. They would often run into each other during nightly gatherings and always drank together.

Su Yu had always known that the man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing… He wasn’t really the gentleman that his smile portrayed him to be.

At tonight’s event, he was the one who provoked Qin Chu, meaning that he definitely had the confidence to win.

Although Su Yu was adamant about his prediction, Wei Liao and Tang Chuan still had their doubts.

Huo Siqian was truly lacking in skill and was at best an intermediate.

Against the likes of Huo Mian, Qin Chu, and Su Yu, there was still quite a gap.

Sure enough, after only two shots, Huo Siqian made a mistake.

The ball left its course, reaching a spot on the table far away from the target.

It was Qin Chu’s turn again…

He grabbed his cue and began focusing, feeling reinvigorated.


Huo Siqian continued to whisper, “You better stop your investigations. It won’t be good for Mian.”

“You seem to know a lot.” Qin Chu wasn’t surprised. He was well-aware of Huo Siqian’s knowledge regarding Huo Mian’s past.

“Yes, I do know a lot…”

“So?” Qin Chu cocked an eyebrow at Huo Siqian.

“So, why don’t you lose to me? I might tell you more.” Huo Siqian smiled confidently.

On one hand was Mr. Li’s huge, three-year contract.

On the other hand was Huo Mian’s desire to know about her past.

What was Qin Chu going to choose? Without a thought, he chose the second option.

In Qin Chu’s eyes, nothing was as important as Huo Mian.

So, he purposefully moved his cue, hitting the ball off target once more…

Not far away from them, Huo Mian watched Qin Chu’s mistakes in confusion.

What did Huo Siqian do?

Why was Mr. Qin making so many mistakes?

It’s impossible! Unless his emotions were being affected, or, was he losing on purpose?

In the midst of endless doubtful voices, the 10 groups all ended their matches.

When the results were announced, everyone was caught by surprise; Qin Chu had actually lost.

“My god, Su Yu you really are psychic! You were totally right!” Tang Chuan exclaimed.

Su Yu watched the event calmly. The tournament was progressing exactly as he had predicted.

In the end, there were five people left – Huo Mian, Huo Siqian, Ni Yang, Tang Chuan, and Jian Tong.

However, in terms of points, three of them completely lost.

Huo Mian was far ahead in the lead and Huo Siqian secured second place with a score slightly above that of Tang Chuan’s.

Tang Chuan was more than annoyed, secretly cursing at everything that was good and holy.

“Let it go, man. If Huo Siqian didn’t play dirty, you’d have to face Qin Chu in the next round and would still not reach the finals. It would end up being Qin Chu vs Huo Mian,” Wei Liao comforted his friend.

In the end, only Huo Siqian and Huo Mian were left.

The nominal pair of siblings, facing each other…

“Hey, what do you guys think? Who’s going to win?”

“I’m thinking Huo Mian. That girl is amazing! She’s been clearing tables the entire tournament,” someone said.

“I’m rooting for Huo Siqian. If he can beat Qin Chu, he’s definitely spectacular.”

There were all sorts of opinions amongst the audience.

Afraid that Qin Chu would get upset, Huo Mian walked over to him and embraced his waist, acting all cute.

“Honey, don’t be sad, I’ll win it back for you in the final round.”

Huo Mian thought Qin Chu was sad about losing Mr. Li’s contract.


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