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(Young Master Su, Are You Interested in a Partnership? (9)

It was the same disgusting feeling a person got when they saw a black crow first thing in the morning.

“I need to talk to you…” Song Yishi was arrogant.

Huo Siqian cautiously looked around before saying, “Come in.”

Yes, he was a careful man. Paparazzi from small newspaper outlets loved hiding outside the houses of rich people and taking whatever photos they could.

Song Yishi followed Huo Siqian into his condo; she was wearing a wine-colored cashmere coat and over-the-knee boots with seven-inch heels.

“What do you want…”

“When can we get divorced?” Song Yishi cut to the chase.

“Now’s not the time.”

“Then when is?” Song Yishi didn’t want to stay married to him any longer; it was fine that she was living life as a widow, but she hated pretending that they were in love in front of other people. It disgusted her.

She didn’t even have the guts to go see Qin Chu, because she hadn’t figured out her relationship with Huo Siqian yet.

Therefore, she was determined to end things with him.

“You don’t have to worry about that… It’s not going to be long… Trust me, I don’t want to spend a minute longer with you than I have to.”

“Haha… I used to think that you always pretended to be mysterious like you had a lot of secrets… now I realized that you certainly do have a secret… something you can’t tell anyone.”

Huo Siqian raised an eyebrow and stared at Song Yishi’s delicate face.

“Are you curious as to how I found out?” Song Yishi asked, proud of herself.

Huo Siqian didn’t reply.

“Your eyes betrayed you. I only realized recently that… you only seem like a human being when you look at Huo Mian… other times, you’re no better than a monster…”

Huo Siqian still didn’t say anything.

“That woman just now… she’s not that good looking, but she kind of looks like Huo Mian… So, that woman in your heart, the one who Mo Xue’er can’t even compare to is Huo Mian, isn’t it? You like your own sister? What an incestuous…”

Before she could finish, Huo Siqian walked right up to her and grabbed her by the collar. “Are you done?” His tone was icy.

“I’m not… the more scared you seem, the more I’m going to say… you’re a sister-lover… You might not be related by blood, but your last names are both ‘Huo’. You’re such a pervert for liking her… Huo Mian doesn’t know, does she? Imagine how scared she would be if she found out… that she knows someone so perverted.”

As soon as Song Yishi finished her sentence, Huo Siqian tossed her by her collar.

With a ‘bang’, Song Yishi landed on the ground, feeling her organs shake in pain.

“Song Yishi… don’t challenge my bottom line… so what if you know? I only have one thing to say… Say whatever you want to, but if you do, I’m going to make sure that your family falls from grace. You won’t be able to be a young heiress anymore, but the pathetic thing is, you’re not even skilled enough to be a hooker… Bitches should be good bitches… don’t pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and guess what’s on my mind…”

Then, Huo Siqian took out his white handkerchief and wiped his hands off, as if Song Yishi was just something dirty he had touched…

So what if she found out his secret? Did he care that others knew about it?

Did she really think she could threaten him with this? What a joke.

He really wanted to teach Song Yishi a lesson, but unfortunately, he was too busy to deal with her.

His war with Qin Chu was about to begin… and he had to make sure everything was well-prepared…

After Huo Siqian got onto his car, Wang Shasha asked from the backseat nervously, “President Huo, is your wife angry? Was it because of me?”

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