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(Young Master Su, Are You Interested in a Partnership? (2)

“Xiaoxue?” Huo Mian could recognize Wu Xiaoxue’s voice.


“Did you come back to China? Why didn’t Director Wu say anything?” Huo Mian was surprised.

“No, I’m still in Chicago.”

“How have you been? How’s your baby girl?”

“I’m good, Xinyue’s been really good too…” Ever since her divorce, Wu Xiaoxue became more mature.

“I’m glad.”

“I missed you, so I decided to call you. Are you pregnant yet?”

“Not yet.” Huo Mian smiled awkwardly.

“It’s okay, you can’t rush pregnancy. Just go with the flow and keep yourself happy…”

“I will.”

“Are you… still in contact with Ning Zhiyuan?” Wu Xiaoxue asked after some hesitation.

“No… why?”

“Nothing… My uncle told me that a while ago, Ning Zhiyuan went looking for him and begged him to let him go back to work at the First Hospital… I don’t think he’s doing well.”

“What did Director Wu say?”

“My uncle said… he wanted to give him a chance, but Ning Zhiyuan’s skills were limited… He’s a doctor of ophthalmology, but he can’t even write an academic paper. The First Hospital can’t hire someone like him.”

“Oh…” Huo Mian nodded; she hadn’t seen Ning Zhiyuan in so long that she almost forgot he existed.

Ever since Huo Mian refused to lend him money, they didn’t see each other again.

“Xiaoxue… do you still hate him?”

“To tell you the truth… I don’t hate him anymore… Whenever I see Xinyue, I feel bad that she doesn’t have a father… I actually called to ask you something. If you have the chance to see him again, can you ask him if he wants to come to Chicago?”

“Xiaoxue…” Huo Mian wanted to say something but stopped herself.

“I know what you want to say, that he’s not worth trusting… but I still want to give him a chance. Not a chance to be my husband, but a chance to be Xinyue’s father.”

“I understand… Don’t worry, I won’t talk you into giving up… We’re outsiders, but you’re one of the parties involved, so I will always respect what you want to do…”

“Thank you, Mian.”

After hanging up with Wu Xiaoxue, Huo Mian felt happy; although Ning Zhiyuan was an asshole, at the end of the day, he was still Xinyue’s father.

If Xiaoxue wanted to give him a chance, Huo Mian didn’t have the right to stop her…

Therefore, she decided to ask Ning Zhiyuan if she ever got the chance to see him again.

There weren’t a lot of patients in the afternoon, so the on-call doctors were told that they could leave an hour early.

After she left South Side, Huo Mian drove straight to GK’s Headquarters.

To her surprise, however, she bumped into Mo Xue’er by the company entrance.

Mo Xue’er was extremely sexy in her bright red jacket and thick makeup. What Huo Mian didn’t understand was why Huo Siqian, a man who liked beautiful women, didn’t love Mo Xue’er. She was both beautiful and had a breath-stopping aura.

As Mo Xue’er passed by her, Huo Mian was just about to open her mouth and say hello when Mo Xue’er walked right past her, completely ignoring Huo Mian’s presence.

This left the latter feeling incredibly awkward…

Why was Mo Xue’er suddenly treating her like that?

She turned around to see Mo Xue’er walk up to a black Land Rover.

The driver of the Land Rover was Jiang Ye, who waved at Huo Mian upon seeing her.

She, on the other hand, ignored him and turned around to walk into GK…

After Mo Xue’er got onto Jiang Ye’s car, he asked her with a smile, “Why are you being so indifferent today, are you allowed to ignore the young madam?”

“She’s not my friend, why should I greet her?” Mo Xue’er sneered.

Jiang Ye, on the other hand, laughed. “Haha, don’t look for excuses, it’s because of Huo Siqian, isn’t it?”


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