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( Something Big in New Year (1)

“Sis… I’ve missed you so much!” Zhixin shouted as he came up to Huo Mian and hugged her tightly.

Huo Mian was immediately dumbfounded; then she punched Zhixin and broke into tears. “You little brat, didn’t you say you weren’t coming back because you were busy with schoolwork?”

“If I didn’t say that… you wouldn’t be so surprised, haha.”

Huo Mian was truly shocked; she hadn’t seen Zhixin in so long that she had been wanting to fly to New Zealand to see him.

However, she had been busy with work and Zhixin wasn’t a child anymore. She didn’t want to worry about him so much or it would end up stressing him out…

A month ago, Zhixin told Huo Mian while they were video chatting that he wasn’t going to come back for Chinese New Year.

One, New Zealand didn’t celebrate Chinese New Year and they didn’t have any days off.

Two, school was busy and Zhixin didn’t want to skip classes. This made sense to Huo Mian, since students needed to take priority in their studies.

Therefore, Huo Mian was planning on telling Qin Chu that she didn’t want to go anywhere for Chinese New Year and that they should spend time with her mother, so she didn’t feel too lonely…

However, this little brat…

The sibling pair hugged each other for a long time, unwilling to let go.

Huo Mian loved Zhixin ever since they were children. Even when she realized that they weren’t related by blood, she still loved him all the same.

Unlike stubborn young men who always got in trouble and asked their sisters for money, Zhixin often worked part-time to help his sister out, which comforted Huo Mian.

“Sis… stop crying… it’s embarrassing, you’re too old to cry…” Zhixin let go of Huo Mian and helped wipe the tears off her face.

They hadn’t seen each other a while, and she immediately cried upon seeing him…

“I’ve really missed you,” Huo Mian choked on her words as she let go of him and looked him up and down.

Zhixin was wearing a navy-blue winter jacket with dark-blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

On his back was a black backpack… he looked like a dashing young man.

“Little brat, you’ve gotten taller…” Huo Mian looked at Zhixin, who was 19 years old and now 178 cm tall.

He was a whole head taller than she was… and he also looked manlier than he used to.

When he left, he was still young and na├»ve…

He had changed a lot over the last few months. When he left, Zhixin was in pain because of Huang Yue’s death.

Huo Mian painfully let her brother leave, hoping that he would learn to grow up. It now seemed like they made the right choice.

Huo Mian was in a great mood now that Zhixin was back… After pouring him a glass of hot water, she began cannonballing him with questions.

Was New Zealand cold? Was he used to the food? Did he sleep well? Was he bullied?

She asked so many questions that Zhixin burst out in laughter…

“What are you laughing about? Be serious!”

“Sis… you asked me these questions every day when I first got there, can you stop grilling me? I’ve gotten used to New Zealand’s time difference and weather, the air there is really nice, and my English has gotten much better…”

“How long are you here for?” Huo Mian smiled as she looked at Zhixin, who replied, “Around ten days, classes are pretty busy.”

“Ten days is still good, Mom will be so happy when she finds out you are back.”

“Haha, I haven’t even been home yet, I came here as soon as I got off the plane…”

“How did you know I was on-duty today?” Huo Mian suddenly remembered this crucial question.

“Because I called my brother-in-law. He told me. It was also his people that picked me up at the airport.”

“Wow… I can’t believe he would collude with you to trick me, watch me teach him a lesson when I see him!” Huo Mian was at a loss for words; how could Qin Chu not tell her something as big as this?

How dare he make her cry!

“Hey, Sis… you’ve gained weight, there’s fat on your face, are you pregnant?” Zhixin asked as he observed his sister’s round face.


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