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(Snooker Celebrity Night (10)

Qin Chu noticed Huo Mian’s reluctance and gently refused, “Sorry, my wife does not like to be photographed in public.”

“Oh… okay then,” the socialite said dismissively as she moved aside.

Huo Mian quietly trailed behind Qin Chu with her head down, trying her best to seem inconspicuous.

Not far away, the Song cousins saw what happened and basically erupted with anger.

Huo Siqian hated Song Yishi so much that when they entered, he walked in alone instead of with her.

Therefore, Song Yishi had no choice but to come in with her cousin, Song Yixuan.

The Song cousins dressed luxuriously, both wearing evening dresses worth hundreds of thousands, with red and white fur on top respectively.

Song Yishi favored white and always dressed like a fairy, as if she was declaring her ‘goddess’ status to the world.

Although they deliberately dressed nicely, the Song cousins still failed to become the center of the media’s attention. Rather, the reporters constantly swarmed around Huo Mian, who wore a black suit that surprised everyone present.

“Huo Mian is the most disgusting and fake person in the world. She always pretends to be innocent, but in fact, she’s full of schemes. She definitely decided to wear a suit to attract attention after finding out that we would all be wearing traditional evening dresses. What a bitch,” Song Yixuan complained.

“It’s okay… we need to avoid her tonight, so don’t cause any trouble.”

Song Yishi was a little annoyed but she didn’t forget to remind her cousin about the bet they lost during their car race with Huo Mian, which required them to keep their distance from Huo Mian no matter where the latter went.

Song Yishi wasn’t stupid enough to show up in front of Huo Mian just to be humiliated.

Song Yixuan was the same – all she could do was complain and b*tch about Huo Mian, but she didn’t dare to confront her.

Su Yu arrived relatively late, together with Tang Chuan, without any celebrities from his company.

All the stars from GK Film and Television and Imperial Star Entertainment came in pairs, each representing their companies’ upcoming movie.

Ni Yang came with Mo Xue’er…

Annie Liang came with Jiang Ye…

Jian Tong came with Mian Mian…

Wei Liao came by himself because Jiang Xiaowei didn’t come.

“Hey, where is Xiaowei?” Huo Mian was curious. Tonight was an interesting event and Jiang Xiaowei should have come.

“She wasn’t feeling well. Maybe she ate something bad and felt nauseous. So she stayed at home to rest.”

“Is she okay? Do you need to take her to the hospital?” Huo Mian was worried.

“No, she said she just needed some rest. I hired a private doctor to check on her.”

“That’s good.” Huo Mian nodded…

“You guys keep chatting, I’ll go check on Su Yu.” Then, Wei Liao split up with Huo Mian and headed over to Su Yu…

Su Yu saw Huo Mian as soon as he walked into the ballroom. But he couldn’t keep gawking at her, so he looked somewhere else instead.

But this still seemed really intentional…

“Mr. Su, stop pretending. Huo Mian is over there. Do you want to go say hi?” Wei Liao walked over with a glass of wine.

“It’s okay.” Su Yu didn’t want to make Qin Chu, Huo Mian or himself feel awkward by going over and greeting them.

So, it was better not to go…

Soon Mr. Li arrived, which made the atmosphere reach a fever pitch.

After his speech, Mr. Li announced the opening of Snooker Celebrity Night.

Then, the host announced the rules. Competitors were matched by random drawing and whoever won three rounds in a row would proceed to the finals.

After the finals, competitors would faceoff in a one-on-one PK game. Then the winner would be selected and get to sign a contract with Mr. Li on the spot.

Qin Chu didn’t really care about cooperating with Mr. Li; he came because they had already met each other beforehand.

Mr. Li showed appreciation towards him and wanted him to join this event. Therefore, Qin Chu came as a favor to him.

So, he didn’t want to win as badly as he did during that cruise trip.

While people were drawing their assignments, Su Yu raised his hand in front of everyone and said, “I give up.”

“Su Yu…” said Wei Liao and Tang Chuan at the same time. They didn’t expect Su Yu to give up before the competition had even started.

Huo Mian was surprised as well, and she looked at Su Yu from across the room…


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