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(Something Big in New Year (8)

During the Spring Festival, most couriers were on vacation, except for the hardworking express delivery companies.

Huo Mian wondered who it was that would mail her a present during Chinese New Year.

Moreover, they mailed it to Sky Blessing Court; not many people knew her mother’s address.

Was it a prank from Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling?

Huo Mian held the box nervously… It was a small, square box, the size of her palm.

She hesitated for a while but didn’t have the guts to open it.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Chu walked up to her and put his hand around her waist.

“Honey… can you open it for me? I’m scared… what if it’s a spider, snake, or cockroach…” Huo Mian hated pranks.

Qin Chu couldn’t help but laugh. He took the box and slowly opened it.

To both their surprises, it was a white jade calabash. It was delicately made and only three centimeters tall. The calabash was extremely pure, smooth, and beautiful.

“Hm, it’s a calabash?” Huo Mian was surprised as she carefully picked up the jade calabash.

There was a gold string attached to it, clearly, it was for the owner to wear around her neck…

“Who gave it to me?” Curious, Huo Mian looked through the box but didn’t see a name.

“There’s no name?” Qin Chu was curious as well, and she shook her head.

Then, she felt extremely confused…

Calabashes were items of luck, so many people wore them to avoid evil, gain luck, and stay safe.

It was weird for Huo Mian to receive an anonymous gift on the eve of Chinese New Year.

She uploaded a photo of the calabash to her WeChat friend circle and asked who it was from; it wasn’t from Gao Ran, Lingling, nor Xiaowei…

It wasn’t even from Huo Siqian…

Was it from… Su Yu?

At this thought, she privately messaged Su Yu on Weibo.

“Are you there?”


“Um… did you give me a new year’s present?”

“So… are you hinting to me that I should buy you something?” Su Yu felt speechless.

“No no, that’s not what I meant… I just received a mysterious present and was wondering if it was from you.”


“Oh, okay then.” Right before Huo Mian logged off, Su Yu sent her a red pocket that said, ‘Happy new year’.

She was just about to decline when Su Yu wrote, “Just take it, it’s not a lot of money. Consider it as good luck.”

Just like that, Huo Mian was embarrassed not to accept his red pocket money, so she clicked ‘accept’.

He only sent her 8.88 yuan, making Huo Mian feel more at ease.

She couldn’t accept any expensive presents from Su Yu. After all, they weren’t that close.

Huo Mian didn’t hide her conversation with Su Yu from Qin Chu; she showed him their chat. “Honey, it’s not from Su Yu either, how weird…”

Qin Chu, on the hand, looked closely at the calabash. Finally, he said, “This is extremely expensive, normal people won’t be able to give this as a gift.”

“What do you mean?” Huo Mian didn’t understand antiques, so she didn’t know how much something like this jade calabash would cost. Therefore, she was confused.

“This is made from fine jade… Look at the color, there are no flaws at all. It’s the best of the best. The handicraft is extremely meticulous and obviously made by a skilled craftsman. I think its worth at least ten million yuan… I’ll go ask an expert tomorrow.”

“A hundred million… Honey, I really don’t know who gave it to me, I didn’t do anything behind your back, I swear,” Huo Mian said innocently.

Qin Chu lovingly pinched her cheek. “I know.”

“Wait… let me check the tracking number and take a look at the shipping record.”

Huo Mian scanned the QR code, but to her disappointment, there was no information on that tracking number.

This package felt like a pie that fell out from the sky…

– At the same time, on an island in the South Pacific –

A young woman wearing a yellow dress was standing in a shooting range by the beach. Her long hair swayed in the ocean wind.

She held a black handgun; aiming at the center, she fired ten continuous shots.

All ten bullets hit the bullseye…

“Boss, you should rest and have some water.” A well-built assistant walked up and handed her a bottle of water.

The young woman opened the bottle of water and took a sip. Then she batted her eyelashes mischievously. “Do you think… she’ll like my new year’s present?”



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