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(Something Big in New Year (6)

Huo Mian held up her phone with a laugh. “I’m reading my Weibo comments, these people are too funny.”

Qin Chu smiled lovingly at this…

Huo Mian rarely used to flaunt their relationship because back then, their marriage was a secret. Too many people would be hurt if they learned the truth, so she chose to keep it from everyone.

Now, they had announced their relationship to the world. Moreover, a few days ago she won Snooker Celebrity Night, helping GK win a three-year contract with Mr. Li.

Media outlets in the city have all been reporting on what happened, and many had reached out to ask the couple for an interview.

However, Qin Chu refused them all because he didn’t want to overly expose Huo Mian, which was good because she didn’t want to be so showy to begin with. After all, she wasn’t a superstar, so why would she so frequently appear on television?

The couple bought a lot of things before driving over to the Qin Manor.

Mr. and Mrs. Qin were in a great mood; the maid was on vacation and went home already, so Huo Mian went into the kitchen with her mother-in-law to prepare lunch.

She even prepared new clothes for Qin Chu’s parents.

– Inside the kitchen –

Mrs. Qin was wearing a red Tang-style jacket, looking extremely festive.

She held Huo Mian’s hands in her own. “It’s freezing outside, you must be cold, driving all the way here.”

“I’m fine.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Have some date and lotus seed tea. I made it this morning, it’s good for your body as you prepare for pregnancy.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Huo Mian obediently took the bowl and sipped at it.

It was normal for her mother-in-law to want her to get pregnant.

Ever since Mrs. Qin went to a fortune teller, she seemed to care even more about Huo Mian’s pregnancy. She kept saying that she was going to have more than one grandchild…

She talked about this every morning with Mr. Qin as soon as she woke up, as if she was in a trance.

It was obvious that she wanted grandchildren very much…

With Huo Mian’s help, Mrs. Qin made ten dishes.

Although Huo Mian rarely saw her cook, the food she made was still extremely delicious.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian stayed at the Qin manor until 10 PM. They left after having some dumplings and lighting up the fireworks.

Mrs. Qin found the coin in the dumpling and Qin Chu smiled and said that his mom was the luckiest woman alive.

Before they left, Mr. and Mrs. Qin gave Qin Chu and Huo Mian two giant red packets.

“Mom… is this really necessary?”

“Take it, it’s a festive tradition.” Mrs. Qin smiled, and they got onto the car with the red packets…

Qin Chu gave his to Huo Mian. “Honey, I’ll keep mine with you.”

Huo Mian smiled as she peeked into the red packet – there was 50,000 yuan in one of them; no wonder it was so thick…

Huo Mian just earned 100,000 yuan out of the blue; her mother and father-in-law were sure generous…

Suddenly, she received a notification on her phone.

After unlocking it, she saw that Zhu Lingling had sent her a red packet, which said, ‘Girl, happy new year’. Huo Mian clicked on it, finding that she had sent her 188.88 yuan (TL: 8 is a lucky number in China).

Then, she received some more red packets from her colleagues, her assistant, Zhixin, Gao Ran…

She even received a red packet from Director Wu as well, who was generous enough to send her 8888 yuan.

Qin Chu glanced at the money and laughed, “Wu Zhongxing should at least give you 88,888 yuan.”

Huo Mian smiled and pinched Qin Chu’s nose. “Honey, I shouldn’t be so greedy, I’m probably the only person Director Wu would give red packet money to. Hahah… I swear other doctors didn’t get as much as I did.”

Huo Mian wasn’t wrong; the other doctors didn’t even receive red packets from Director Wu! Some even had to send Director Wu red packets…

Therefore, she was the ultimate exception.

In the past year, Huo Mian had brought night and day changes to South Side and contributed greatly to its transformation.

She even received a domestic and overseas award, making Director Wu walk prouder and stand taller amongst his other colleagues.

As she chatted with Qin Chu, Huo Mian received another WeChat money transfer.

It was from Huo Siqian – he didn’t send her a lot, but the amount was weird.

He sent her 13,140 yuan. She would’ve accepted the money, since it was only a little over 10,000 yuan. However, ‘1314’ was such an awkward number. (TL: ‘1314’ means ‘an entire lifetime’ in Chinese, couples usually say it to each other to show how much they love each other).

“Mian, happy new year,” Huo Siqian added, making Huo Mian feel awkward.

Therefore, she clicked ‘decline’.

She didn’t have any reason to accept his ‘1314’, Qin Chu was the only one she wanted to spend her life with.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Chu asked, noticing the change in her expression.


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