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( New Year’s Eve (6)

“Don’t give yourself too much pressure… just try your best. I don’t really care about Mr. Li’s contract,” Qin Chu lightly stroked through the hairs by Huo Mian’s ear and said in an extremely gentle tone…

He really didn’t care. If it wasn’t for doing Mr. Li a favor, he wouldn’t even have come tonight. What did some contract even matter to him?

He was distracted for a second only because he really wanted to help Mian find out more about her past, since it had been bothering her for a while now…

There, in front of so many pairs of eyes, Qin Chu and Huo Mian still acted as though no one was watching. They were so focused on each other that even the host of the evening got jealous.

“Rumor has it that President Qin is whipped by his wife. Now I can see that it’s not a baseless rumor… President Qin may have lost to President Huo but in place of victory, he got the comfort of his beloved wife. I have to say this is another kind of happiness…”

“I heard they’ve been together since high school. Their love story began so passionately, all those years ago…” some people whispered.

“Yeah, I heard that as well. They were both students of 2nd High School. Mrs. Qin was the top of her class and was admitted with the highest score. It’s freaking awesome…”

“I also heard that they broke up later on for unknown reasons. President Qin went abroad… but married Mrs. Qin right after he came back. Look at them, that’s what true love is… very few high school sweethearts end up together.”

People gossiped here and there…

For the first time, Huo Mian didn’t feel shy about being intimate with Qin Chu in front of so many people.

She looked at Qin Chu with a smile on her face; scared that he would feel upset, she kept joking around to make him laugh…

“Huo Mian went too far… how dare she publicly torture us during such a serious event…” Tang Chuan complained.

“Wrong… she’s not torturing us. She’s torturing our Master Yu…” Wei Liao said in all seriousness.

Su Yu seemed like he was accustomed to being made fun of by them, so he didn’t make any remarks upon hearing what they said.

However, he subconsciously looked away when Huo Mian acted all coyish and flirted with Qin Chu with her arms around him…

They looked so in love that Su Yu couldn’t bear to watch them…

Although he knew a long time ago that Huo Mian wasn’t his, seeing her in Qin Chu’s arms like that, giving him all the gentleness she had to offer… felt like a prick stabbing at his heart.

After she had improved Qin Chu’s disposition, it was just about time for the final round.

Huo Mian switched to a different cue and returned to the PK stage valiantly and heroically while the others gathered around to watch the last match of the competition.

Huo Siqian was in a great mood…

Last time, he didn’t make it to the cruise, and he only heard about how awesome the night was after the fact.

Back then, he wondered when he would have the chance to stand with Huo Mian on the PK stage while everyone else watched, just the two of them.

He was surprised that his wish actually came true.

Originally, he thought that after he beat Qin Chu, he would need to fight Su Yu as well. However, Su Yu gave up and backed out before the game even started.

This made things a lot easier for him…

“Mian… go easy on me.” Huo Siqian had stopped calling her ‘little sis’ since who knows when.

Just the simple “Mian”, yet every time he called her that, his heart was overcome with warmth.

Huo Mian looked at him quietly. “Relax, since both of our last names are Huo, I will leave you some dignity when I beat you.”

Huo Siqian laughed brightly when he heard that…

He really liked Huo Mian’s sass, confidence, and fearlessness.

From a distance, Song Yishi observed the subtle facial expressions on Huo Siqian and then said with a complicated expression on her face, “He’s a completely different person when he is with Huo Mian…”


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