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(Snooker Celebrity Night (5)

“Hm… good idea…” Su Yu nodded…

Tang Chuan moved up to Su Yu’s side excitedly. “Yu, let’s talk about details then, we need to…”

Before Tang Chuan could finish, Su Yu interrupted him…

“But that’s too much work. When will it pan out? Why don’t I just ask my grandpa to hire an assassin to get rid of Qin Chu secretly… that seems to be the better way to go,” Su Yu said in all seriousness..

“That’s not a bad idea either… but murder is a little bit too…” Tang Chuan felt his spine tingle.

“Right now, you have two choices. One, get out of my house right now. Second, get the f*ck out of my house immediately.”

Tang Chuan: “…”

“What kind of ideas are you coming up with?! I’m a stand-up, righteous man. Do you think I’d use despicable tactics to get Huo Mian? That would totally make her despise me. If I’m defeating Qin Chu, I’m doing it honorably. Who do you think I am, Huo Siqian?”

Su Yu was truly infuriated.

He knew that Tang Chuan was simply brainstorming, but what kind of idiotic ideas were those?

How could he use them?

Plus, when it came to him being with Huo Mian and Huo Mian being happy, he would gladly choose the latter.

Therefore, he would never plot against Qin Chu; even their businesses only engaged in healthy competition.

Su Yu didn’t want to be looked down by anyone, especially by Huo Mian.

“Haha… please don’t get mad, it’s my fault, alright? I shouldn’t have said those things. If that’s the case, why are you even struggling? Stand up to Qin Chu and fight him head on! If you lose, you have nothing to regret. If you win, that would be a miracle…” Tang Chuan laughed.

Su Yu immediately gave his friend a punch in the head… why were they friends again?

The pair kept drinking and talking. That night, they finished every bottle of beer stored in Su Yu’s house.

They even finished two bottles of fine red wines… causing Tang Chuan’s total loss of memory the next day.

He couldn’t remember anything from the night before…

Su Yu, on the other hand, got up at 7 AM sharp and drove to Imperial Star on time for a meeting.

That was the difference between a successful person and a normal person…

Tang Chuan knew that he would never amount to Su Yu’s level of godliness… He could only worship the man.

After the morning meeting, Assistant An walked over to Su Yu. “President Su, the three ladies who were picked by Mrs. Su have contacted me. Two of them want lofts under Imperial Star’s properties, each worth about three million yuan.”

“Give it to them…” Su Yu was quite the generous fellow. He didn’t consider anything that could be solved with money a problem.

His mother was the one who held that stupid audition, but he felt bad that the girls had been played. Giving them property as compensation was nothing.

After all, the ladies went through many rounds and were chosen out of 20,000 people.

Su Yu really couldn’t remember their faces anymore. He was too drunk the night before and the only thing he could remember was the fact that they all resembled Huo Mian.

Mrs. Su had truly tried her best to make her son happy.

“One of them… wanted a car.”

“What kind of car? I’ll buy it for her.” Su Yu nodded.

“Ugh… she said she wanted your black Lamborghini Sesto Elemento…” Assistant An said, his voice shaking and butt cheeks sweating.

Su Yu slightly paused for a moment…

He had been driving the black Lambo for a very long time. Not only was it a global limited-edition car, it also had important sentimental value.

Tang Chuan had tried to buy his baby off of him many times but failed each time. If he wouldn’t even sell it to one of his best friends, why the heck would he give it to a stranger?

“Who’s the one asking for my car?” curious, Su Yu asked his assistant.

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